Game Details Screen

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Game Details Screen 

In the Synergy Stats Game Details screen, you can check information about the game, competition, venue, and game rules. You can also update attendance data, assign game officials, or Go Back to the Fixtures screen. 


Note: Game rules are pre-set in the Competition Admin under match profile.

Game Details, Competition info, and Venue are displayed as informational attributes to describe the respective game. These are set and can only be updated via the competition management system, Comp Admin. In the example below, the League name is Synergy Stats Demo/Training, the Competition name is Synergy Stats Demo/Training 2021, and the Game info is Team 1 vs Team 2.




If any of this data is incomplete, incorrect, or not up to date, and you do not have access to Comp Admin, please contact your league representative/coordinator.  


The attendance field should be filled with numerical data and can be updated by the user at any moment of the game before an official match ends. You can return to the Game Details screen by clicking the Game Details tab at the top of the screen. 




The attendance field can also be left empty with no data, and will not cause any issue.  


Game Rules 

The game rules area displays information from the match profile settings for the competition/league from the Comp Admin Match Profiles. The section displays the assigned match profile framework.

Note: These rules cannot be modified via Synergy Stats application and are under the jurisdiction of the league administration.



Assigning officials to a game involves: 

    • Selecting a role for the official from the Role drop-down list of pre-defined roles.
    • Assigning a name against the respective role from the Name drop-down list with registered officials for the season in the competition.
Note: The name field is not a free text field. You must select a name from the drop-down list.


You can search for an official's name by typing it into the name field, and a list based on the name search will then be displayed.

Officials can also be nominated in advance by the league representative/coordinator. In this case, the Officials section in the Game Details screen will have the information available and the user should simply verify it for accuracy.

Note: The Roles list is quite populated. Please check with the league you operate within as to what roles are compulsory and if you need to assign table officials alongside referees and commissioner. This is customized by the league's individual requirements.


If a role is selected, a name must be assigned to it. If you need to remove an official or empty row from the officials' list, simply select the X right next to the name field.


Synergy Stats also will let you advance to the next screen, even if no officials are selected for a respective game. 

To add a missing official, please contact your league representative/coordinator since no data can be manually added through the Synergy Stats application. If a name doesn't exist, then you should remove the role and let the game commissioner know so they can inform the league.

Each basketball game has 2 or 3 officials. In every officiating crew, there is one head referee, often called crew chief. The remaining officials are called umpires. While there is a title difference between these officials, there are only a few differences in their roles. 

The official FIBA Rules use the following titles for the game officials:

  • 3-referees crew
    • Crew Chief
    • Umpire 1
    • Umpire2
  • 2-referees crew
    • Crew Chief
    • Umpire

If updates have been made through Comp Admin, you can refresh the Game Details screen by clicking the refresh button shown below, and any new data or updates will now be present.


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