Game Screen Breakdown

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Game Screen

Once you have set up the game details and teams, you will be directed to the Game Screen. The game screen is the primary interface where scouts will enter events. 

Match the numbers on the image (above) to the numbers in the table (below) to get a better understanding of how the game screen functions. 

You can also explore the game screen by clicking on the numbers in the Interactive model, located here:


1.  Menu bar of the game screen: Access pages 

2. Scoreboard: Main Scoreboard includes Team Names, Colors, Score, and Team Possession Arrows
3. Game Clock Panel: The clock panel in the middle of the scoreboard and includes Game Clock, Video Review, Switch Sides, TImeout, Match Time, Period and match statuses in pre-match workflow.
4. Switch Sides Button: The switch sides button changes view of the court
5. Team Possession Arrow: Indicator of which team is in possession of the ball
6. Team Direction of Attack: Indicator of the direction of attack, for the team in possession. 
7. Event Menu: The buttons for goals and missed shot, technical faults are not visible from the game screen and will only appear after clicking on the court location
8. Event Buttons: Event buttons for suspension, yellow card, red card, 7-meter penalty and passive play are located on the sides of the pitch.
9. Goalkeeper Management: Goalkeeper Management modal located above the team line-ups. Within the modal, user can Set Active Goalkeeper, Goalkeeper Substitutions, and Empty Net
10. Suspension Timer: Suspension timer is displayed at the bottom of the screen when there is active suspension.
11. Connection Status: Indicates if Synergy Stats internet is Offline or Connected
12. Notifications Icon: General Icon, which will not be used for handball
13. Action Log: All recorded actions for the match are displayed in the action log. The user can edit, insert, delete and mark events for review.

14. FreshChat Icon: Live Messenger that allows scout to communicate with Supervisors during the match.

15. Download Log Files: The log files button in allows users to download the respective game log files (json) and facilitates the issue investigation and bug replication process

16. Active Suspensions: Displays total number of players suspended and tracks cards each team has received.

17. Log Out Button: The (icon) allows users to log out of application from game screen.

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