Fixture Selection  

Once you have successfully logged in to Synergy Stats, you will be brought to the fixtures screen. The fixtures screen will display a list of all games for your user access that are scheduled to occur in the next seven days. 

To set up a game, locate the scheduled game on the fixtures screen and click the green arrow button at the right end of the fixture row.



It is not recommended to set up a game any more than 2 hours prior to the scheduled game start time, as there is only an 8-hour window that the game can be live. You are unable to select a fixture and enter the team set up prior to 4 hours before the scheduled start time. 

Note: If a fixture is missing, please contact the league administrator.


Fixtures Screen Elements 

The Fixtures screen of Synergy Stats provides info about: 

  • Game Status 
  • Game Date 
  • Home Team 
  • Away Team 
  • Team Logos 
  • Game Local Time 
  • Venue 
  • Season (Competition Name) 


Game status options: 

  • Scheduled – a fixture to be played at a certain date/time.
  • Pending - a fixture that was supposed to be played at a certain date/time.
  • Canceled - a fixture is canceled and won't be played.
  • Confirmed – a fixture is completed, and the final score is confirmed.
  • Finished – a fixture is completed, and game time is over. 
  • Bye – a fixture where one of the teams is not playing in the respective round/week/event.  
  • Postponed – a fixture is postponed to an uncertain date/time.
  • If_Needed – a fixture that will be played in case of specific circumstances (example: Game 4 in 3 of 5 series).
  • In_Progress – an ongoing fixture.


The Fixtures Screen provides a search field for a quick way to find a game by typing any of the game details, venue, team name, etc.  

These details cannot be managed or updated in the Synergy Stats platform directly. Any updates must be applied through Competition Admin. If you do not have access to the Competition Admin, please contact the league’s administrator for any necessary updates.