Team Setup

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Team Setup

The Synergy Stats Team Setup screen is where you will set the lineups for both teams. A roster of each team's players will be listed, and you must mark if the players will be active for the game, as well as which five players will be starters, by checking the associated boxes. You may also select their position and indicate if they are a captain of their team, however, this is not required.



For a quicker way to locate a player on the roster, you can sort the roster by Player Number, Player Name, Active status, or Starter status by using the dropdown menu. Synergy Stats will only permit 5 starters.



After both teams active rosters have been selected, a coach must be assigned. You will not be able to advance until five starting players and at least one coach have been selected. Click the Staff button and you can select a Coach, 1st Assistant Coach, and 2nd Assistant Coach. Select the coach's name from the drop-down and mark as active with the associated box.


To add a missing player or coach, please contact your league administrator to confirm the player or coach is registered, and they can get them added to the roster. When you receive confirmation that the player has been added, click the Refresh button next to Team Setup to refresh the roster. Once all players and coaches have been selected, you can advance to the Game Screen by clicking the Next button. Your game is now set-up with both teams and you are ready to start the game. If staff members have not been selected or an insufficient number of starters have been selected, the Next button will be greyed out and not clickable.



Once the Team Setup process is completed, you will proceed to the Synergy Stats main scouting screen where both teams' starters will be available.

If you need to edit the starting players upon reaching this screen, you can access the Team Setup page by clicking the Team Setup tab at the top of the screen, and simply uncheck the Starter box next to the player who needs to be removed and check the Starter box next to the correct player's name.

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