Synergy Stats version 1.17.1 - Release Notes (June 29, 2023)

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The Synergy Stats team shares what is new and what we have been focused on with version 1.17.1.

Improvements, enhancements, and functionalities from the release:

  • Introduction of inactivity tracker
  • Log In alert message for inaccurate user credentials
  • Global error message and game logs download
  • Reports display the correct coaches order
  • Insert Double Foul functionality works as expected
  • A list of issues fixed


An inactivity tracker is a new enhancement that aims to redirect the user safely to the 'Game Details' screen in cases where no interaction is performed with the Synergy Stats application while on the main screen for more than 60 mins.

In other words, if a game is open and for some reason, the user does not record actions by using the existing workflows and clicks on the applications' tabs and buttons, for an extended period of time, Synergy Stats will change the state by returning to 'Game Details' screen. Of course, all the input data will be safely stored.

Currently, inactivity means "no workflow started"Actions like moving the cursor in circles on the game page or clicking on non-interactive areas would not make the inactivity tracker stop. The user must report events (make network messages to the streaming API) to restart the inactivity countdown. 

Synergy Stats will display an alert message 'Due to inactivity, you will be returned to the Game Details page in 60 seconds.'

The user will be prompted to select a warning message or perform no action:

  • if the user interacts with the warning prompt by clicking on 'I AM HERE' button, then the user stays on the main screen
  • if there is no interaction with the warning prompt for 60 seconds, the user will be returned to the 'Game Details' screen

The reason behind the inactivity tracker introduction is to prevent a game to be open in the browser for an extended period of time which may cause data damage, and continuously being 'LIVE', interacting with the API.



If the Synergy Stats app is not performing as expected or an error occurs within the application, then the user interface will display an error message "Whoops, something went wrong, please click HERE to download the logs".

Clicking on 'HERE' will download the game log files on the user's device. Then another message will be displayed - "Please send these logs to Please wait while we redirect you."

Adding this error messaging enhancement is the next step for issues and error reporting. After introducing the option to download the log files and share them with the support and the Synergy Stats team, which is really helpful for tracking bugs, problems and fixing them quickly. Now, the system will kind of auto-report errors to the users, which will facilitate the process.

Once the users download the log files, they can safely refresh or reload the application and continue working.


With this version, a warning prompt enhancement is in place when a user attempts to log in to a fixture using incorrect credentials or does not have the needed permissions to access the respective fixtures list. A warning prompt will be displayed "Invalid credentials, please try again".

After the message, the user will be redirected to the Log In page again.


  • A recently reported issue where changing the jersey number for a player in the course of the game would add 'phantom' points for the team of the player, whose number is altered without the basket-made being present in the action log, is tracked and fixed
  • A status where the scroll bar and the 'NEXT' button are not accessible on the Team Setup screen after returning for some reason from the main user interface screen after a workflow modal is open and not completed, should not be experienced by the user and the application is operating as expected
  • A reported Play by Play actions order issue where the edited ones were moved at the end of each period is taken care of and the user can edit all events without messing with the chronological order
  • When changing jersey numbers after a game stats collection has commenced, an instance of players' names turning blank for the same team, is in the list of the fixed issues after being tracked
  • The 'blank shot type modal' issue is also fixed
  • The 'OK' button missing from the foul-type modal reported bug is adjusted
  • Double foul insertion misbehavior also cleared off the issues' list with the 1.17.1 release. Inserting non-existing double foul play was not accurately processed by Synergy Stats. The application did not add the play to the PbP in the action log but awaited for the next event to be added and only then automatically added it to the list of actions after prompting for confirmation.
  • The order of the assistant coaches in Synergy Stats reports is now aligned with the way ass. coaches are assigned to a team per game on the Team Setup page. They will be displayed in the reports in the same order as per the Team Staff tab in the application.

Coming up next

In the next Synergy Stats release, we will be fixing a number of other bugs and introducing more enhancements, including:

  • Substitutions enhancements
  • Reports enhancements - single page view for print
  • Foul Editing

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