Synergy Stats 1.14.4 is our St. Valentine's version.

The application introduces new issues/bug-enhanced reporting, optimization of the score query functionality (valid for some leagues only), and a bug causing unexpected misbehavior of Synergy Stats during the stats collection process.

Improvements, enhancements, and functionalities from the release:
  • new button in the Synergy Stats interface gives chance to users to download the log files and facilitate the issue investigation and bugs replication
  • Score/Clock notification system enhancements are in place
  • A bug that was causing many troubles with score and fouls is fixed, which after testing proves that Synergy Stats acts as expected
  • More issues resolved


The application now provides an option for the users to be able to download and store the log files on the device where the game is in progress in the process of stats collection.

A new button mceclip2.png is implemented which helps the users to click on it anytime and get a hold of the files, which will contain information about the app's behavior and potential errors.


By using this new functionality, the process of replicating and resolving issues will be facilitated.

Once downloaded these files should be sent to Synergy Stats Support Team for investigation.


The functionality will be developed and optimized further to be easier for the users to share the logs in the near future.

Hint: It is important for the user to know that the log files are only providing the needed information before Synergy Stats is reloaded or the browser page is refreshed.


A number of tasks and new enhancements are in place to stabilize, optimize and secure the flawless operation of the notification system. (currently being used by only a few leagues)
  • Turnovers being added by Synergy Stats automatically to the Team/Coaches Totals in the boxscore when a foul is called on a coach/bench when the team is in possession is working without any issues
  • An issue that was causing Synergy Stats to misbehave in one of the following ways:
    • A player OUT in a substitution was not subbed out and stayed as an extra person in the lineup
    • Points/Fouls being assigned to a team but not to a player (player number missing)
    • Synergy Stats adds points randomly on its own
    • A foul is not added against a player as a dot on the player's tile and Synergy Stats scoreboard (only in Foul on the Shot scenarios)
    • an incorrect score is displayed in the Synergy Stats header vs. the action log (Play by Play)
  • Foul drawn does not add Free Throws automatically anymore
Coming up next:
In the next Synergy Stats release, we will be fixing a number of other bugs and introducing more enhancements, including:
  • Multiple fouls within 'Free Throws' screen enhancements
  • Cancellation enhancement
  • Scoresheet enhancements
  • Reports enhancements - single page view for print