Synergy Stats version 1.17.0 - Release Notes (June 6, 2023)

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 04:32 AM

The latest Synergy Stats version 1.17.0 was released late last week with major substitution workflow enhancements, a new filter for 'marked for review' events presented, and a few reported bugs/issues fixed.

Improvements, enhancements, and functionalities from the release:

  • When editing a substitution action the user is now able to see the players on the court after the substitution is completed
  • Using players' tiles' color schemes when adding substitutions
  • 'Mark for review' items can now be filtered - introduction of the 'Flagged' filter
  • The user cannot select more than 5 starters
  • Double Foul workflow issues fixed
  • Further back-end investigation, checks, and work to stabilize the application performance

Substitutions workflow enhancements (lineup status)

When a substitution is completed, the modal for the substitutions will display all subs IN in the current lineup, while the OFF players will be among bench players. If a substitution action is opened for editing the user will be always able to see the 5 on-court players after the substitution is completed. Previously, Synergy Stats was displaying the 5 players who were on the court before the substitution is in place.

This was preventing the correct removal of incorrect substitutions and facilitated editing and calculating accurate playing time sometimes.


Note: Further substitution enhancements are planned for the next releases of Synergy Stats.

Substitution enhancements (using player's tiles coloring)

The latest substitution enhancement uses team color vs. bench color to assist the workflow and eventual editing of the substitution actions.

  • The tile of a player subbed OUT will keep the team color when moved to the bench players list
  • A player subbed IN will keep the dark/neutral tile color when moved to the on-court lineupsubssubs

The mentioned functionality is in place when initially adding substitution(s) - single, multiple, pre-selected, or wave-all ones, and then later editing the substitution action for any reason. 


In the example, players #5 and #6 are subbed out (already 'bench' players) but their tile's color does not change and keeps the orange team color, while players #11 and #45 stay with the dark neutral tile coloring after being subbed in. 

The idea of the enhancement is to assist the users in quicker recognition of the substituted players, and handle substitutions editing and reverting easier.


Synergy Stats Team adds a new filter, so now a user can one-click filter the events that are marked for review in the course of the game for any reason. The filter name is 'Flagged'.


The filtering options are located at the top of the action log (Synergy Stats Play by Play UI) in the drop-down menu.


  • As a hotfix, prior to the 1.17.0 release, an issue where all items being edited by the user were 'messing' the accurate PbP order and appearing at the end of the quarter or after the last action currently inserted, is not occurring anymore
  • A user cannot select more than 5 players for starting, which was possible before
  • Double foul issues involving the selection of 'unsportsmanlike' or 'disqualifying' foul type are also fixed and now the events are properly sent without having the 'orange' tag for unsent events in the PbP log of Synergy Stats
  • Further back-end investigation, checks, and work to stabilize the application performance are completed
  • Investigation and prevention of the 'black' screen and non-responsiveness instances of the Synergy Stats app upon reports of clients are done

Coming up next

In the next Synergy Stats release, we will be fixing a number of other bugs and introducing more enhancements, including:

  • More substitutions enhancements
  • Reports enhancements - single page view for print
  • Foul Editing

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