Synergy Stats version 1.16.1 - Release Notes (May 16, 2023)

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 04:33 AM

After some radio silence due to the introduction of Synergy Stats for handball, Synergy Stats 1.16.1 is out with a short list of updates and a main focus on some reported bugs, issues, and unexpected behavior.

Improvements, enhancements, and functionalities from the release:

  • Shot clock operator (previously missing) added to the game officials' roles on the 'Game Details screen'
  • Scoresheet and boxscore enhancements (part 1)
  • Notification system alerts optimization
  • The general reports generation process accelerated
  • Application frozen states and connection issues targeted
  • A list of issues fixed


Some long-time requested features and updates are now added to the scoresheet report in Synergy Stats reflecting and aligned with the FIBA Scoresheet template for the clients using print-outs of the scoresheet for their official games.

All table officials' names are now matching the correct FIBA terminology and are selectable within the game officials role drop-down menu on the 'Game Detail' screen, as well as accurately named in the respective field on the report.

Shot clock operator (previously missing role) is part of the table officials' roles and is present in Synergy Stats.

Full list of the introduced enhancements:

  • Referees' names (chief crew, umpire 1, and umpire 2) names are not displayed in the bottom right field of the scoresheet, but the spaces/lines are empty for game officials' signatures post game
  • All table officials' names are left justified in the space dedicated
  • Quarter numbers added in the quarter score field of the scoresheet report
  • Boxes for HCC are now displayed within the Scoresheet report for marking head coach challenges during the game


Note: In the next releases further scoresheet development and update are planned.



  1. Padding decreased
  2. Remove wording 'Report generated:'
  3. Move Attendance to below the Date/Time field
  4. Decrease the font of Competition / Season names at the top of the page



Synergy Stats notification alert system has an improved and facilitated design, where the alerts are noticeable and clear, and the workflow is simple, not clicks-consuming, and the idea is to notify statisticians to complete checks quickly and on time, so they assist with incorrect scores and clock discrepancies situations.



The Synergy Stats notification system aims to be users' ''best friend" and off-court assistant for the future.




  • A recently reported issue where adding made/missed shot would sometimes cause Synergy Stats to skip the modal for shooting player and shot type and display the one for rebound is taken care of
  • Players' jersey numbers are not being retained with shots and fouls, creating situations where shots/fouls were assigned to a team but not to a specific player, in the past few weeks is fixed and should not happen
  • A reported score discrepancy bug, where the score displayed on the Synergy Stats interface and the Play by Play action log in the application or the Boxscore report differed is now fixed
  • Synergy Stats not handling substitutions workflow was expected is also fixed
  • Play by Play displaying events out of order investigated and resolved
  • Synergy Stats crash when inserting an event using the insert button on the score adjustment event resolved
  • 'Black screen' state reported when setting up a game which required a sensitive number of refreshes to disappear, has been worked on

Coming up next

In the next Synergy Stats release, we will be fixing a number of other bugs and introducing more enhancements, including:

  • Substitutions enhancements
  • Reports enhancements - single page view for print
  • Foul Editing

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