Team Tab

The Team tab provides access to all of the team information. From here, you can access filters, Synergy data, and videos. 


Click on the Team tab at the top of the page, and apply the filters on the left to narrow down teams by league, season, division, etc. 


Individual Team Rows

Clicking the arrow to the left of a team name will display the last five games for the team, including the final score and statistical leaders. Click any score or stat that is blue to pull up relevant video. 


Use the buttons in the Team Row to view Home games, Away games, or the entire Season. Clicking one of 

these buttons will open your selection on the Game Data page.


Scroll over the Game Log on the right and hover over a specific game to view the stats.  Click to open the Game Data page for that specific game. 


Click on a team name to open the Team Data page.