The Synergy Stats app has a notification system in place. 

This new feature connects Synergy Stats users (Statisticians) with Sportradar’s Live Monitoring team, to maintain data quality and notify Statisticians of potential discrepancies in clock and event data collected. The major benefit is Statisticians will have a built-in quality control mechanism that allows for quick recognition of data discrepancies, leading to better data for you, your partners, and Sportradar. 

These alerts are sent by the members of the Live Monitoring team, who use official sources like:

  • Sportradar/Synergy Sports scouts in the venue
  • Scoreboard devices installed in the venues, which capture the official score from the official in-venue scoreboard
  • TV or streaming production graphics

The idea behind the notification system is to assist users in recognizing incorrect scores and clock issues during live games, by prompting correct score suggestions or clock values, which should only be validated or rejected by the users.

If validated, some events will be marked automatically for review later, but the score/clock will be adjusted to correct one immediately.

The notification icon (a bell) mceclip0.png is displayed in the Synergy Stats app in the top right corner, right next to the connection status tab. If a notification is received then the software allows the user to click on it and open it for reaction. The notification is marked with a red circled number - 1,2,3 and etc. mceclip0.png


As a statistician, two types of notifications can be expected. The first is a ‘clock notification,’ where the user will receive a notification within Synergy Stats asking to confirm the clock and giving the ability to adjust it quickly.

The second is an ‘event notification’ where the user will receive a notification within Synergy Stats asking to confirm the accuracy of a made basket. During the event notification, the user will be given a suggested change (e.g., 2pt made should be changed to a 3pt made).

Events types query that a user might receive:

  • 2 pts made
  • 2 pts missed
  • 3 pts made
  • 3 pts missed
  • Free throw made
  • Free throw missed
  • Missing event
  • Clock query


The event notifications prompt the user to fix an issue with a specific existing or missing event in the action log (Play by Play area of Synergy Stats). 

Currently, the query may require: 

  • modifying missed to made shot for 2 pts or 3 pts
  • modifying made to missed shot for 2 pts or 3 pts
  • modifying missed free throw to made
  • modifying made free throw to missed
  • inputting a completely missing event - for example, 2 pts made missed for the away team
  • assigning an event to the other team when or if mistakenly added to the incorrect one

When an event query is sent to the user, it means that there are potential inconsistencies in the data. The user should be completing one of the following actions as soon as possible:

  • selecting the 'CONFIRM' button confirms the modification in the query window
  • if the suggested change is correct, then the user should make the change as soon as possible
  • if the suggested change is not correct, then click on the confirm button and no changes are needed



If an event query is confirmed by the user, the event will be highlighted in the actions log (game log) with a red frame. The red frame will last for 20 seconds before disappearing. The user should edit the event as soon as possible. Once the event is modified, then the score will be updated based on the edit (eg, editing made to missed shot/free throw, or vice versa; adding a missed event or changing the team which conducted the event action).

A game should be never finalized and completed without completing the necessary edits for the highlighted events.




When a clock notification is sent to the user, it means that Synergy Stats game clock time should be validated by completing one of the following:

  • selecting the 'CONFIRM' button with no adjustments will confirm the current game clock time
  • adjusting minutes up (+) or down (-)


  • adjusting seconds up (+) or down (-)

It is recommended for the user to try to resolve any newly-added queries in the notification system as soon as he gets a chance, which will guarantee a correct score with a single click in less than a second throughout the game, and the credibility of the collected stats and provided data. 


IMPORTANT: The score/clock notification system in Synergy Stats will be only used across the games in specific leagues, and the league coordinators will be informed about this.