Synergy Stats Support Team

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  • Mail:
  • Whatsapp: +1 (855) 530-8575

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Spanish

Available: 24/7

When contacting the support team to report a bug, an issue, Synergy Stats misbehavior, or any other problem related to the application not reacting as expected, the following information will be requested by the user:

  • Synergy Stats environment used - production vs. non-production
  • Browser used
    • Examples: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, other
  • Device used and OS
    • Example: Laptop with Windows 10 Home Edition, Desktop with Windows 11, iPad Pro, Mac with OS
  • League name
    • Example: LNB France, EASL, NBL 1 Australia
  • Fixture/Game ID
  • Short description of the issue
    • Example: Home team players have 195 mins total playing time at the end of the game
    • Example: Completed game reset to P1
    • Example: The number of personal fouls in the Synergy Stats app interface does not match the ones in the boxscore report for player #X
  • Screenshots/Screen capture/Videos

IMPORTANT: During the scouting process (while collecting stats), if the user experiences application freeze, glitches, unresponsiveness, issues, or bugs, the user must download the game log files at the moment of the misbehavior and before refreshing the Synergy Stat page or re-loading the app, and send them to the support team later (when the game is completed). Providing the game log files will facilitate the problem investigation and replication, and will help the Synergy Stats team to fix the issue(s) quicker by having a deeper knowledge of what might have caused the issue. 

If the reported issue is complicated and needs the expertise of technicians, engineers, or other specialists, Synergy Stats Support team member(s) will escalate it properly and timely. The team will stay in constant communication with the user/client and regularly update the latter on the progress of the issue resolution and prior investigation. 

Note: The Synergy Stats Support team is not capable to fix and handle every issue reported, but will assist in matters related to:

- credentials and access

- missing data

- CMS administration inqieries

- workarounds of known issues


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