Creating a Custom Edit

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Custom edits are unique video playlists that can be exported or shared with staff members and players. With a variety of innovative tools, create your own curated video playlist with clips from the Synergy Team Site, or import your own video to trim and use. This guide explains how to create, open, and customize your workspace view when working with custom edits.


Create Custom Edit

Create a Custom Edit at any point in the editing process. To create a Custom Edit, click on the + icon in the top right of the Editor or in the lower right corner of any open panel.



When prompted, give your new Custom Edit a distinct name and click OK. Use only letters and numbers, no symbols. You will see the new Custom Edit appear in the Custom Edits list. You can create as many Custom Edits as you need.


Duplicating a Custom Edit

This feature allows you to copy an existing custom edit. You can use this to create scouting templates that can be easily duplicated, create a unique version of an edit you'd like to share, make changes to an edit someone has shared with you, or for a variety of other reasons. To duplicate an edit, under the Custom Edits tab, simply right-click on the edit you wish, and select Duplicate from the menu. If the edit is open, you may also click the carrot icon, and select Duplicate. Your duplicated edit will appear at the top of your Custom Edits list with "Copy" in the title to indicate that it is a duplicated edit. 





Working with Custom Edits

Open a Custom Edit

Select the edit you want to work with, then select one of the four destination options. You can choose from Open Top Left, Open Top Right, Open Bottom Left, or Open Bottom Right. You can also right-click on the edit, select Open, then select which panel to open it in. Double-clicking on an edit title will open it in the top right panel.


One of the benefits of the Editor 11 is being able to work with multiple edits, or have multiple views of the same edit open simultaneously. When you have custom edits open in multiple destinations, it will look similar to this: 1) Open top left, 2) Open top right, 3) Open bottom left, and 4) Open bottom right.


NOTE: Matrix and Sequencer views are exclusive to Editor Max users.



Close a Custom Edit

To close a custom edit, simply click the carrot icon on the edit tab in the panel you wish to close, and select Close


Destination Edits

When working with multiple edits, it is important to make note of which edit is designated as the destination edit. This will be annotated by a blue line under the designated edit tab. By default, the first edit open is designated as the destination edit. 



However, you can set any edit as the destination by selecting Set as Destination from the carrot menu of an edit's tab. This is of particular importance, especially when moving clips between multiple edits using hotkeys, or the ADD+ button, as they will be added to the edit designated as the destination.



Resize your View

Customize your workspace view by adjusting the height and width of any panel. Hover your mouse over any intersection of views or the Video Playback Panel. Once the double arrow icon is visible, drag to resize the view. 



Custom edits are at the very core of the Synergy Editor 11 experience. Understanding the basics of creating a Custom Edit is essential for creating unique, relevant playlists curated to your individual needs. 

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