Having an organized workspace is important. When working with playlists, the number of custom edits can grow quickly, making it difficult to locate the exact edit you're looking for. Editor 11/ Editor Max allows you to create unique folders to organize all of your edits and timelines in a simple view for easy reference and quick access.


Creating a Folder

You can create a folder at any point in the editing process. To create a folder:

  • Open the folders panel to the left of the Custom Edits tab by clicking the arrow icon to expand.
  • Select or hover over the Custom Edits folder, and click the + icon to the right.
  • Name your folder, and click OK. Your newly created folder will appear below in alphabetical order.
  • To create sub-folders, select the parent folder, click the + icon, name your folder, and it will appear within the selected folder.

You can expand and collapse folders containing sub-folders with the arrow icon to the left of the folder name to view their contents.


NOTE: You can also use right-click on an existing folder to create a sub-folder within it, or a create a new Custom Edit within the selected folder.


Moving an Edit to a Folder

To move a Custom Edit or multiple custom edits from you list into a specific folder:

  • Open the folders panel by clicking the arrow to access your folders.
  • Select Display all Custom Edits at the bottom of the folder list.
  • From your Custom Edits list, drag and drop an Edit or multiple custom edits into your desired folder.

Delete a Folder or Custom Edit

To delete an unwanted folder or custom edit, right-click and select delete from right click menu, or left click once on the desired folder or edit to highlight it, then select the Delete icon from the toolbar. Click Ok to confirm.  


Adjusting The Folder Panel

To adjust the size of the folder panel, hover over the separation line until the cursor turns into a double arrow, and then move your cursor side to side to set your desired width. 


Searching Your Folders

The search bar located above your edit list provides a quick way to find a specific edit from your custom edits or timelines list. To search, begin by typing in the name of the edit. The search list is dynamic, so as you begin to type, results will be listed.


NOTE: The search bar feature will only search within the folder that is selected. To search all edits, ensure Display all Custom Edits at the bottom of the folders list is selected.



Folders can be used to organize and categorize your ever-growing list of Custom Edits and Timelines. Organizing your edits into folders for easy access and sharing is a simple process and allows you to work in a clutter-free space.