In this article, we will discuss how to send video from the Synergy Sports Baseball Application to the Synergy Sports Baseball Editor.  

Sending video from the Baseball Application to the Editor allows you to create custom edits, unique video playlists that you create, that can be shared with staff members and players. You can create Custom Edits using clips from the Synergy Baseball app, or from your own locally captured film.

Explore the information below to learn more about sending clips from the Baseball Application so you can use them to create custom edits. 

Sending Clips to the Editor

To begin the process of creating custom edits, you will need to send clips from the Synergy Baseball app to the Editor, or import your own film via the Live Capture process (see the section on Live Capture for more detail).

To do this, ensure that you have Editor selected as the video choice in the Baseball app and make your selections either Standard or Extended, and set the lead duration anywhere from 0 to 10 seconds. 



Use the filters to narrow down the video you would like to use in your Custom Edit. In Multigame view, once you have data you would like to send to the Synergy Editor, use the Play arrow icon above the chart to send the clips to the Editor. 



In Single Game View, choose to send the full game to the Editor using the centrally located Play button, or select individual clips to send from a variety of displays using the Play button next to it.



In Report View, you can simply select any box containing a number associated with a particular filter, topic, or statistic.  This will automatically send those clips to the Editor and create a temporary playlist containing the clips.



Once you have sent your clips to the Editor, a temporary playlist is created in the bottom panel of the Editor. Use the carrot icon on the playlist tab at the bottom to save, export, or close this playlist. or move the clips into existing edit by dragging and dropping the clips.