Synergy Baseball: Release Notes

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 07:33 PM

  • 3/14/2024

    Baseball App v2.0.8.19


    Practice view - Bullpen

    With the new Bullpen practice workflow, you can now retrieve logged data and video for Bullpen sessions from Practice workflow in Synergy Team Logger. Select your session in Bullpen table of the Practice view, and click View Session button.





    • When sending video to Synergy Editor:
      • A full playlist now displays with all events from Synergy Team Logger. This includes when video is added both during game and postgame.
      • Send to Editor is now working for all Practice Types from Synergy Team Logger, including Sim Game, Batting Practice, Bullpen, and Training/Workout
    • A fix to launch the Baseball application when using dual monitors has been added, so the application is no longer hidden if the secondary monitor is undetected.


    Baseball App v2.0.8.17

    The latest version of the Synergy Baseball App includes the new Practice view. Users can now create several different types of practice sessions in the Synergy Team Logger, which can then be retrieved and viewed in the Baseball App. This update also improves Single Game view, and security improvements to restrict account sharing.


    NEW - Practice view

    You can now retrieve practice sessions from new Practice workflows in Synergy Team Logger. These sessions include:

    • Sim Game
    • Batting Practice
    • Training/Workout
  • MicrosoftTeams-image (2) copy 3.png


    We have reordered the icons in the top right for the application views. They are now laid out as followed, from left to right:

    • Multi-Game
    • Reports
    • Saved Reports
    • Practice
    • Single Game
  • MicrosoftTeams-image (3) copy 2.png

    NEW - Hitter Out Of Box data field

    • Retrievable on Multi-Game and Reports view filters
    • Available on Single Game view in the Plate Appearance result tables

    Single Game view - Display All Event Types and Pitch Results

    All event types and pitch results are now visible in Single Game view, in addition to the Pitches and Pickoff Attempts toggle

    • Additional Event Types
      • Balk
      • Other
      • Interruption Of Play
    • Additional Pitch Results
      • Auto Ball
      • Auto Strike
      • No Pitch

    Security improvements to restrict account sharing

    • We have enhanced login tracking to block unauthorized access of accounts based on location. This is being done in an effort to reduce account sharing among users.
  • 2/15/2023

    The latest version of the Synergy Baseball app includes several new features focused on Shared Reports. Users can now view, share, save, copy, update, and delete Shared Reports in the app. This update also improved loading performance when searching for players on Multi-Game and Reports views

    Please feel free to use the tools available on the site, or reach out to our Support team any time with your ideas, comments, or questions. Don't have the Synergy Baseball app installed yet? Use the link below:


    Baseball App (version


    Share Reports - Access From "Saved Reports" View

    After login, a red notification bubble will automatically display the number of new shared reports in the upper right, on the Saved Reports icon. These notifications reflect any new reports shared by other users on your team.


    Share Reports - "My Reports" Tab

    After clicking the Saved Reports icon in the upper right, the "My Reports" tab will display all saved reports from Multi-Game and Reports views. Reports can be selected with options to Share, Load, or Delete.



    Share Reports - "My Reports" Tab - Share With Other Users On Team

    Once the "Share" button is clicked, a window will display with the option to share selected reports with other users on your team. There are also options to share multiple reports with multiple users as well as remove users.



    Share Reports - "Shared With Me" Tab

    After switching to the "Shared With Me" tab, all reports shared by other users on your team will display. You have the option to load shared reports so that they can be viewed in the Multi-Game and Reports views. There is also a "Copy to My Reports" option that allows you to save shared reports, so you can make changes — the copies will be saved on the "My Reports" tab.



    We are excited to share the latest update of the Synergy Baseball app!

    This version includes new features such as new Zone options for the Pitch Chart in Chart Filters, Pitch Velocity averages in the Pitch Types tables, Duplicate Tab creation for multiple players, and links to Upload Schedule & Admin from the Settings menu.

    Please feel free to use the tools available on the site, or reach out to our Support team any time with your ideas, comments, or questions.  

    Don't have the Synergy Baseball app installed yet? Use the link below:


    Baseball App (version


    NEW - Zones Options for Pitch Chart in Chart Filters

    • Additional statistics for Pitch Chart zones
      • AVG
      • OBP
      • SLG
      • OPS
    • Expand Pitch Chart underneath Display Settings
      • Zones
        • Total
        • Percentage
        • AVG
        • OBP
        • SLG
        • OPS
    • Click one or multiple zones to update data in tables below
  • Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_12.22.30_PM.png


    NEW - Pitch Velocity Averages in Pitch Type Tables (Multigame & Reports views)

    • Pitch velocity averages next to each Pitch Type based on selected filters
    • Displayed underneath AVG column in parenthesis:
      • Multigame View:
        • Pitch Type Table
      • Reports View:
        • Basic Statistics
        • Pitch Types (Pitch Result)
        • Pitch Type (BIP Result)



    NEW - Duplicate Tab Creation for Multiple Players (Multigame and Reports views)

    • Duplicate tab for multiple players in addition to duplicate tab for individual player
      • Duplicate Tab
        • Create a duplicate of selected tab
      • Duplicate Tab - Multiple
        • Launch menu to select multiple players
    • When selecting multiple players, all available players will display from roster with selected player
      • All seasons selected by default
      • Click Career dropdown to select individual seasons for each player
    • Click Apply to view duplicate tabs for each selection
  • Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_12.28.37_PM.png

    NEW - Links to Upload Schedule & Admin Websites in the Settings Menu

    • Dropdown menu in upper right
      • Upload Schedule
        • Launches web browser to view game schedules and Synergy logging status
      • Admin
        • Launches web browser to Synergy account management (Admin access only)
  • Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_12.30.19_PM.png
    We are excited to share the latest update of the Synergy Baseball app!
    This version includes new features such as a side-by-side playlist/compare mode in the video player, a team history button in multi-game and reports views, and updates to the settings menu.
    Please feel free to use the tools available on the site, or reach out to our Support team any time with your ideas, comments, or questions.  
    Don't have the Synergy Baseball app installed yet? Use the link below:
    Baseball App (version

    NEW - Side-By-Side Playlists - Send to Video Player
    • Search for results on Multi-Game, Reports, or Single Game view
    • At top of any view, switch Video option to “Compare” to send playlist to video player
    • Send playlist to Both video players, only Left, or only Right side
    • Can also toggle between “Compare” and “Player” modes within video player at the bottom
  • NEW - Side-By-Side Playlists - Compare Mode in Video Player
    • In “Compare” mode, select video clip from each playlist to view in video player
    • Change camera angle or adjust video duration above each video player
    • Use play controls under each video player to change location in video clip
    • Universal play controls at bottom operate both video players
    • Click “Set” button to mark Sync Point for each video player
    • Drag Sync Point to move location in video clip
    • Click “Set” again to remove Sync Point
    • Click “Go To” to jump to Sync Point in each video player
    • Collapse/expand playlists by clicking arrow above playlists
    • Rename playlist titles by clicking Edit/Save buttons above each playlist table
    • Settings gear in bottom right contains options when switching video clips in each playlist
    • “Autoplay” begins playing video automatically
    • “Lock Time” maintains same time in scrubber
  • NEW - Team History Button
    (Multi-Game & Reports)
    • Displays after entering initial player search in data filters
      • Pitcher(s)
      • Hitter(s)
      • Fielder(s)
      • Baserunner(s)
      • Catcher(s
    • Returns back to that player’s Team History page
    • Able to easily add/remove teams & seasons to search results

  • NEW - Settings Menu
    • Dropdown menu in upper right
    • Settings
    • General
    • Video
    • About
    • Help
    • Launches web browser to Synergy Support site
    • Video Guides
    • Launches web browser to Synergy training videos
    • Logout
    • Exit
    • Display only active views
    • Multi-Game
    • Reports
    • Single Game
    • Saved Reports


    We are excited to share the latest update of the  Synergy Baseball app!


    This version includes new features such as a Camera Angle filter, additional Game(s) sub-filters, Pitch Type / Velocity filter improvements, click-and-drag on Multi-Game View images, and an option to view detailed pitch info in the in-app video player.


    Please feel free to use the tools available on the site, or reach out to our Support team any time with your ideas, comments or questions.  

    Don't have the Synergy Baseball app installed yet? Use the link below:



    New - Stopwatch In Video Player
    • Mark IN and OUT to calculate time duration
    • Click buttons to set/clear or use "I" and "O" hot keys to change mark
    • Click Reset button or use "R" hot key to return back to 00:00.000
    • Drag marks along scrubber with mouse to set precise location
    • Use frame-by-frame and hot keys as well
    • IN and OUT points persist for each video player session
    • Remain if switching to different video clip
    • IN and OUT points reset after closing video player, changing clip duration, or switching to Full AB mode
  • MicrosoftTeams-image__4_.png


    Added: Pitch Type & Velocity Displayed in Video Player Playlist View
    • Pitch Type & Velocity now visible at end of clip description when available 
    • Consistent with title above video player and detailed pitch info option in view men
  • MicrosoftTeams-image__8_.png


    Added: Save PDF with Data Tables for All Reports on Active Tab
    Located within PDF drop-down menu (Multi-Game)
    • New option for "All - With Data"
    • Export all reports on active tab to single PDF with data tables included
    • Similar to "With Data" option with all reports saved as individual PDF
  • MicrosoftTeams-image__6_.png


    Added: Add Website URL Link to Report Name
    Located within chart image drop-down menu above Pitch Location and BIP Location charts (Multi-Game)
    • Click "Edit Display" to open menu for selected report
    • In "Link URL" box, enter valid URL address and click "Update"
    • Report name will now become clickable link that will open in separate web browser after clicking
  • MicrosoftTeams-image__5_.png

    New - Camera Angle Filter
    Located between "Catcher(s)" and "Game(s)" filters on left data filters panel (Multi-Game & Reports)
    • Displays each available Camera Angle from both single angle and multi-angle pitches
    • Drop-down menu with two different playback options
    • All pitches with at least one selected angle
      • Eg: Select Broadcast and Low Home, then all pitches with either angle would be displayed
    • Only pitches including each selected angle
      • Eg: Select Broadcast and Low Home, then only pitches including both angles would be displayed
    • For multi-angle pitches, selected option(s) display in right video window by default
    • "As Logged" clips display in left video window by default
    • Data available beginning in 2018 for Synergy logged games



    New - Game(s) Sub-Filters
    Located within "Game(s)" filter on left data filters panel (Multi-Game & Reports). Click solid arrow in each respective filter to expand and collapse sub-filters.
    • Start Date
    • Uses first available day based on search
    • End Date
    • Uses last available day based on search
    • Previous # Games
    • Total games based on search
    • Previous # At Bats
    • Total ABs based on search
    • Day of the Week



     Update- Pitch Type / Velocity Filter Improvements. Now updates based on other filter selections

    • Pitch Velocity average column added to right of each available Pitch Type
    • Pitch Velocity range now reflective of total velocity range based on search and filters



    Added: Click-and-Drag on Multi-Game View. Option to click-and-drag selection area in Pitch Location and Spray Chart images.
    • Highlight area on either image to select custom zone
    • Data tables below images update based on selection



    Added: View Detailed Pitch Info in Video Player


    • Click "View" to display video player options
    • Camera Angle Names
    • Top bar above video player
    • Camera Angle menu                                                                      
    • Send to Editor               
    • Popout window
    • Full screen
    • Detailed Pitch Info
    • Bottom bar below video player
    • Includes Pitch Type and Pitch Velocity when available

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