Sending Video to the Editor from Team Site

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Utilizing video from the Synergy Team Site in the Editor is one of the foundational processes of the application. Being able to curate your own custom playlists from Synergy tagged clips allows you to focus on what is important to you and your team and produce professional playlists that meet your needs.  


Video Default Settings

Before sending video from the Synergy Team Site to the Editor, it's recommended to set your Video Default Settings. You can choose the Editor as your default playback and destination from the Settings on the Team Site, or opt to be asked which destination you'd prefer (the In-browser player or Editor) each time you select clips. Start by selecting Settings from the User Menu on the Team Site. In the Video Default Settings section, use the switches and drop-downs to set your default playback selections. Once your selections have been made, click Save Changes to apply the settings.


  • Video Playback Options
    • Send Video Straight to Default 
    • Ask Video Preference Every Time
  • Playback
    • In-Browser Player
    • Editor 
  • Max Clips 
    • 25
    •  50
    •  100
    •  250
    •  500
    •  800
    •  1000
  • Clip Order
    • Most Recent First
    • Oldest First
    • Random Order
  • Video Quality
    • Standard Quality
    • High Quality

Sending Video to the Editor

As you navigate through the Team Site, any statistic listed in blue indicates there is associated video. Click the stat to engage your playback choices. If you selected Ask Video Preferences Every Time from the settings, a pop-up window will open, and you can revise your default choices. Ensure Editor is set as the playback destination. Click OK and a temporary playlist will open in the Editor.




Once in the Editor, you can choose to save the temporary playlist as a Custom Edit, export it, or a number of other options by using the carrot menu on the edit's tab. You can also drag and drop individual clips from the temporary edit into other existing edits or use the hotkeys to send active clips to your Destination edit. 


NOTE: If not saved, temporary edits will be removed when the Editor is closed. Temporary playlists are identifiable by the italicized title with an * before the name.

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