Settings: Tags With No Running Shot Clock

Modified on Wed, 08 May 2024 at 07:54 PM

You may even come across a situation where you want to add tags even though the 24-second timer is not running. For example: during training, between two phases of play or during a time-out.

By default, the options are configured as in the image below. They can be found in the Settings tab and then you will press the No running shotclock tags button to land on the following screen:

Tag delay

By default, if you add a tag up to 4 seconds after the end of a game phase (without a 24 seconds timer running, therefore), this tag will be added to the respective previous game sequence.

You can decrease this time, or increase it to a maximum of 20 seconds.


Late Tagging - Early Tagging

As explained in the article describing the tags, you can change the length of the sequences created in relation to the added tags while the 24-second timer is not running (the tags linked to a 24-second phase have a limited length that does not cannot be modified since it is the length of the phase that defines the sequence).


The length of the sequences can be modified for the early tags (tags before the action) and the late tags (tags after the action). Simply drag the borders of the sequences displayed on the screen to change these settings.

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