Managing a Shootout

Modified on Thu, 02 May 2024 at 11:03 PM

Starting a Shootout in Clock Mode 

Once you END & CONFIRM the final period of regular play, you should select the option SHOOTOUT

Managing the Shootout Stop Clock (clock mode only) 

Once you’ve selected SHOOTOUT, you’ll be able to manage the Shootout stop clock. Click START to begin the stop clock and click RESET to reset the stop clock back to it’s original value

Starting a Shootout in Score Mode 

Once the Timing Judge has confirmed the last period of regular play and initiated the Shootout workflow, a SHOOTOUT button will appear for you to select.

Select the SHOOTOUT button, and then select the Shootout coin toss winner.

After selecting the team who won the coin toss, you’ll need to select the team that will take the first shot in the Shootout.

Select the player & goalkeeper for the first shot

Select the player tile for the player who will take the shot. Also, select the Goalkeeper from the opposition team who will face the Shootout shot.

Select the Goal Outcome 

Once you have selected a player to take the shot and the opposing goalkeeper, you’ll be able to select the outcome of the shot – GOAL or NO GOAL.

Ending a Shootout 

Once the Shootout has ended, select the END SHOOTOUT button.

Ending & Confirming a match in Clock mode

Once the Shootout has finished, select the END MATCH button. You will be asked to confirm your decision and then CONFIRM the match


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