Circle Entry

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This article will guide users of Synergy Stats on how to navigate the Circle Entry menu for Field Hockey. Read to learn how to access the Circle Entry menu, add a Goal, Penalty Corner, Penalty Stroke, and Goal Attempt.


Circle Entry

A circle entry is when the ball enters the attacking circle near one of the two goals. When a circle entry occurs, select the relevant circle entry icon



The Circle Entry menu will appear on the screen displaying all of the relevant events that occur during a circle entry. For events that stop the clock, ensure the Timing Judge has stopped the clock before entering an event.  


  • Goal - If a goal is scored
  • Penalty Corner - If a penalty corner is called by the umpire
  • Penalty Stroke - If a penalty stroke is called by the umpire
  • Card - If a card is distributed to a player
  • Circle Exit - If the ball exits the circle or crosses the back line
  • Video Review - If a video review is requested


Adding a Goal

Select Goal within the circle entry menu, then select a player.

Adding a Penalty Corner

Select Penalty Corner from the circle entry menu. The Game Log on the right side of the screen will display when a penalty corner is logged.



Adding a Penalty Stroke

If you select Penalty Stroke from the circle entry menu, you will need to select the player taking the stroke.


After selecting the player, you will choose the penalty stroke outcome: scored or missed



Adding a Video Review

If a video review occurs, you will need to select the Video Review button from the circle entry menu, or from the main game screen. Then follow the necessary sequence (Team or Umpire) until the Video Review has been indicated as Successful or Rejected.



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