Synergy Stats - Indoor Hockey

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1.) Starting a Match 

        a.) Selecting a Mode 

            “Before you begin managing a match, you will need to select which 

            mode of data you will be  working with.  
                i.  Select ‘SCORE’ if you will be collecting the statistics for the matc 

                ii. Select ‘CLOCK’ if you will be managing the clock for the match 


2.) Selecting Direction of Play 
     “First, look at the direction that the teams are currently facing. If the teams are 
      pointed in the opposite direction, select the Direction Arrows icon to reverse the 

      direction of play for both teams.” 



3.) Live Scoring 

        a.) Possession Tracking 

                i. Users can track each possession by selecting the Team Tile depending on 

                   where the ball is on the field. Each Team Tile has a hotkey associated with 

                   it for users to use their keyboard to track possessions or use their mouse to 

                   select each tile. 



        b.) Substitutions 

                i. When a player enters the field of play, select the relevant player tile. 

                There is no requirement to deselect players when they exit the field. 



        c.) Substituting a Goalkeeper 

                i. If a goalkeeper comes off the field, select the relevant player tile and that 

                will deselect that player. 


4.) Circle Entry 

                i. A circle entry is when the ball enters the attacking circle near one of the two goals.

                When a circle entry occurs, select the relevant circle entry icon.  



                ii. The Circle Entry menu will appear on the screen displaying all of the 

                relevant events that occur during a circle entry. 



        b.) Adding a Goal 

                i. “If you select Goal within the circle entry menu, you can select a player, or 

                confirm the player number later.” 



        c.) Adding a Penalty Corner 

                i. If you select Penalty Corner from the circle entry menu, the Game 

                Log on the right side of the screen will display when a penalty corner is 

                logged. *The Circle Entry modal will flash, indicating you have selected a 

                Penalty Corner. 



        d.) Adding a Penalty Stroke 
                i. If you select Penalty Stroke from the circle entry menu, you will need to 

                select the player taking the stroke.  


                ii. After selecting the player, you will choose the penalty stroke outcome: 

                Scored or Missed 



        e.) Adding a Video Review 

                i. If a video review occurs, you will need to select the Video Review button 

                from the game screen. Then follow the necessary sequence (Team or Umpire) 

                until the Video Review has been indicated as Successful or Rejected. 


5.) Managing Player Cards 

        a.) Allocation of Cards 

                i. Cards are given to players by the umpire depending on their conduct on the field.

                Cards can be logged during open play or from the Circle Entry menu. 


                1. During open play, select the relevant Card icon for which team 

                    received the card. 



                2. When a circle entry occurs, select the relevant circle entry 

                    icon, then choose Card. 


        b.) Types of Cards 

                i. There are three different types of cards: Green, Yellow and Red. 

                Select the type that applies. 



        c.) Green Card 

                i. When a Green card is selected, choose the player who received the card. 


                ii. Once you’ve selected the player, start the card countdown timer by 

                selecting START on the relevant Player's file. Only select START 

                once the player has sat down.


        d.) Yellow Card 

                i. When a Yellow card is selected, choose the player who receives 

                the card, how many minutes the player is suspended for, and the reason 

                for the card, or, select Confirm Later. 


                ii. Once you’ve selected the player, time & reason for the card, start the card 

                countdown timer by selecting START on the relevant player’s tile. 

                Only selectSTARTonce the player has sat down.


        e.) Red Card 

                i. When a Red card is selected, choose the player who receives the 

                card and the reason for the card. 


6.) Game Log Navigation 

        a.) Navigating the Game Log 

                i. Users can navigate the Game Log using the available filters on the right 

                hand side of the screen. 
                        Filter by: 

                        1. Periods/quarters 

                        2. Players 

                        3. Goals and Cards 


        b.) Editing an event 

                i. From the Game Log, select the pencil icon at the top right of the event 

                you wish to edit. 


                ii. The Edit Play screen will appear displaying options for editing. 

                Select your option, then push the green arrow. 



                iii. After editing the event, save it by clicking the Close button. 



                    iv. If you would like to delete an event, select the red trash can icon. 



        c.) Inserting an Event 

                i. Stop the clock and select one of the Insert icons on the Game Log. 


                ii. The clock will illuminate Green to indicate you are inserting an event. 

                    Edit the clock to the time in which the missed event occurred. 

                    Then select the event you wish to insert 

                    (ex. Circle Entry, Card, PC Outside Circle). 

                    You will need to confirm that you wish to insert the event. 


7.) Shootout 

        a.) Starting a Shootout in Clock mode 

        b.) Managing the Shootout stop clock (clock mode only) 

        c.) Starting a Shootout in Score mode 

        d.) Select the player & goalkeeper for the first shot 

        e.) Select the goal outcome 

        f.) Ending a Shootout 

        g.) Ending and Confirming a match in Clock mode 

8.) Starting a Shootout in Clock mode 
“Once you END & CONFIRM the final period of regular play, you should select the option SHOOTOUT.” 

9.) Managing the Shootout stop clock (clock mode only) 
“Once you’ve selected SHOOTOUT, you’ll be able to manage the Shootout stop clock. Click START to begin the stop clock and click RESET to reset the stop clock back to it’s original value” 

10.) Starting a Shootout in Score mode 
“Once the Timing Judge has confirmed the last period of regular play and initiated the Shootout workflow, a SHOOTOUT button will appear for you to select.” 

“Upon selecting the SHOOTOUT button, select the Shootout coin toss winner”  

“Upon selecting the team who won the coin toss, you’ll need to select the team that will take the first shot in the Shootout.” 

11.) Select the player & goalkeeper for the first shot 
“Select the player tile for the player who will take the shot. Also, select the Goalkeeper from the opposition team who will face the Shootout shot”. 

12.) Select the Goal outcome 
“Once you have selected a player to take the shot and the opposing goalkeeper, you’ll be able to select the outcome of the shot – MADE, MISSED or RETAKE.” 

You’ll be asked to confirm that your selection is confirmed. 
“Continue this process throughout the Shootout” 

13.) Ending a Shootout 
“Once the Shootout has ended, select the END SHOOTOUT button” 
“This will end the Shootout workflow and return you to the game screen. The Timing Judge will confirm the match from their screen so you can close your browser”. 

14.) Ending and Confirming a match from Clock mode 
“Once the Shootout has finished, select the END MATCH button. You will be asked to confirm your decision and then CONFIRM the match”. 

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