The 1.19.2 release focused on Field Hockey updates and enhancements. There were also some small bug fixes addressed in this release.

  • Field Hockey updates:
    • Configuration between Match Profiles & Synergy Stats
    • Shootout score display in the main UI when Shootout takes place
    • Relabel filter options to be Field Hockey specific
    • Change hotkeys for possession tracking
    • Goal sub-type added to action log
    • Change MADE | MISSED indicators for a Shootout
    • Remove irrelevant options for Yellow Card reason
    • BE work completed to enable different disciplines of the sport
    • Clock events updated to align with In-Venue Scoreboard
    • Goalkeeper select adjustment for a Shootout
    • Warm Up workflow added to begin a match
    • Enlarged UI for Clock mode

Shootout score display in main UI

Goal sub-type added to action log

Warm Up selection to begin a match sequence