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Modified on Thu, 02 May 2024 at 07:11 PM

The Settings tab looks like the picture below. The different settings are explained later in this article.


1.) Report a problem.

2.) Visit this website.


3.) Version:  the version of your application is indicated here. This can be useful if you need to report an issue with the app or want to make sure you have the latest version installed on your iPad.

4.) User:  it is via this button that you can disconnect from the application. However, we recommend that you close your session only in case of real need.


5.) Swap the "home/guest" buttons.

6.) Teams color: You can choose the color of your tags here.

7.) Configure the display time of the tag on the screen after adding a tag (15 seconds by default). 

8.) Define the name of the sequence playlist.

9.) Define the maximum duration of the sequences.


10.) Setting of the game sequences created when adding tags unrelated to the 24-second stopwatch (When the latter is not running).

11.) Un-synced tags: this shows you the number of tags that have not been synchronized with our Keemotion system. These tags will not be saved if you delete the application or if you close your session before they are synchronized (for example if you are offline or if the Keemotion server has lost the connection).

12.) Tag warnings: this informs you that there is a bug which makes it impossible for the application to synchronize with the Keemotion server.

If this happens to you, please first check that the name of some of your tags does not exceed 35 characters.

If you encounter a situation as described in points 8 or 9, you have the following choices:
- Retry synchronizing all tags (= "Retry synchronization for all tags with warnings").
- Undo changes related to tags (= "Undo changes for all tags with warnings").


13.) Diagnosis & debug tools: This information will only be necessary if Keemotion Support asks for them.

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