Step 5: Download a Recording

Modified on Fri, 24 May 2024 at 10:17 PM

There are three different ways to download a recording, or part of a recording, depending on your needs:

  • The iPad App: Download only some parts of the recording.
  • SportsHub: Download the entire recording from any web page.
  • The arena download option.

Download Sequences from the iPad App

The iPad App is useful whenever you wish to download and export one sequence, or a series of sequences, instead of downloading the full recording.

You can also share sequence(s) via a URL link, instead of downloading it locally. More info on this article.

To do so, go to the Recordings tab, select your recording and go to the breakdown into sequences.

You first have to apply filters on the list of displayed sequences before saving them locally. The sequences that you see on the right panel are indeed the ones that will be downloaded. Filters are applied thanks to the left panel (do not forget that you can also flag sequences to see them displayed through the filter Flagged sequences).

To save the sequences, make sure they are downloaded on the App first (if you see this icon next to a sequence press on the icon below to perform the action). 


Then, select the export button, and press Save. More details and indications about the steps can be found in this article.

Once it is saved, you will find your video file under the "Photos" App of the iPad in a .mp4 format, available for future exportation.

You can also share sequences via the Playlists tab. For instance, if you want to share sequences from several games or custom sequences. Playlists are covered in this section of the Knowledge Base..

Download the Entire Recording from SportsHub

From SportsHub, you are able to download the entire recording using a simple web page. Please note that the recording will be uploaded there only a few hours after its end.

If you need to download the recording right after it has ended, you should do it via the Arena download, which is specifically meant for that purpose. See the next section for the steps.

To do so, go to SportsHub and access the recording of your choice. The button called Download Video is highly visible and displayed at the right of the page (if needed, this article guides you through that page).

Download the Entire Recording with Arena download

From the Arena download section, you are able to download the entire recording very fast after it has ended (usually 5 to 10 minutes afterward), providing that you are onsite and connected to the same network as the server.

To do so use the following steps below:

1.) Connect to SportsHub, go on the desired recording and hit the Arena download button.

2.) Select your recording and download it into your computer.

You will then be able to transfer the downloaded video file to the media of your choice (DVD, USB stick, ...).

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