Video Express for Basketball: How to Upload a Game's Boxscore and Play-by-Play

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In this article, we will discuss how to upload a box score and play-by-play in the Synergy Sports Video Express application.


In order to complete Phase II logging, Synergy requires a HTML version of the game's box score and play-by-play. Uploading the HTML version of the play-by-play and box score for the game you are uploading will ensure your game are logged in a timely fashion. You can upload the HTML box score and play-by-play before, during, or after you upload the game. We recommend doing it at the same time you upload your game.

We can only accept HTML file format for the box score and play-by-play. We can not use .pdf file formats. Typically your teams' Sports Information Director can provide this for you.

In order to ensure that all aspects of your game are logged we request the play-by-play include substitutions and offensive rebound information.



1. Find New Upload

Click on New Upload.

new upload.png

2. Choose What Type of File You are Uploading

Choose if you are uploading a Game or the Box Score/Play by Play 

choose upload.png


3. Select Game Parameters

Select the Season, League and Team of the game to upload.

choose game upload.png

A list of games will appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent game at the top. The game list will contain the following headers:

  • Game Date
  • Game


4. Select Game to Upload

Locate the game to be uploaded in the game list and click on the upload button in the row.

select game to upload.png

If the game does not appear on the schedule, provide Synergy Support with the following information via email. The game will be added as soon as possible and notification will be sent via email that the game is available for upload:

  • Date of game
  • Home Team
  • Away Team


5. Confirm/Continue

Additional information on uploading a game will be displayed. It will inform you to insert a clean, unscratched DVD of the game being uploaded into the computer and that files can be uploaded directly from the computer’s hard drive. Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the Video Express application to continue to the next step. Clicking on the cancel button at any time will redirect back to the Video Express Home Screen.


6. Find Boxscore/Play-by-Play Files

A Select Files Dialog box will open, navigate to the location of the boxscore/play-by-play HTML files you wish to upload.

If your school uses DakStats please make sure you are producing the HTML file as outlined in the How to Create HTML Box Score and Play-by-Play with DakStats guide.


7. Select Files

Select the HTML file to be uploaded. Please make sure the file being selected is an HTML file.


8. Start Upload

Click on the Open button in the lower right-hand corner of the dialog window.

The upload has started. You will automatically be redirected back to the Video Express home screen where the game will be listed in the progress section.

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