Video Express for Basketball: Upload Files to Synergy

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In this article, we will discuss how to upload game files from your computer in the Synergy Sports Video Express application.




1. New Upload

From the Video Express splash page, select Start Upload  




Click New Upload from the Home Screen.


2. Choose What Type of File You are Uploading

Choose to upload a New Game Upload, Box Score/Play by Play, or Non-Game Upload.



3. Select Game Parameters

For uploading a game or Play-By-Play/Box Score, select the Season, League, and Team for the game you will be uploading to.


A list of games will appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent game at the top. The game list will contain the following headers:

  • Game ID
  • Game Date
  • Game
  • Upload Status


4. Select Game to Upload

Locate the game you wish to upload to. In the game list, click to highlight the row and click Upload in the lower right.


NOTE: If the game does not appear on the schedule, provide Synergy Support with the following information via email. The game will be added as soon as possible and notification will be sent via email that the game is available for upload:
  • Date of game
  • Home Team
  • Away Team


5. Confirm/Continue

Additional information and instructions will be displayed. You can choose to skip these instructions on subsequent uploads by clicking the Do not show me this message again checkbox in the lower left.

Click Continue at the lower right of the window to proceed to the next step. Clicking Cancel at any time will redirect back to the Video Express Home Screen.



6. Choose Video Files

A Select Files Dialog box will open, navigate to the location of the video files you wish to upload.

Select all files to be uploaded. Please make sure the files being selected are one of the Accepted Video Formats for Uploads. Once selected, click Open to initiate the upload.



 8. Select Quality

You will be prompted to select whether your game is Standard Definition or High Definition. If you do not know, please choose standard definition.


9. Upload Process

You will automatically be redirected back to the Home Screen where the game will be listed in the progress section. Watch the progress from the Rip, Upload and Speed columns. 



Additional Tips

All uploads are ripped to the local hard drive before being uploaded to the Synergy servers. This allows an upload to be resumed where it left off if it gets interrupted. Any interruption prior to Rip being completed, such as Video Express being closed or the computer turning off, will result in the upload process needing to be started over. Upload Progress will remain blank until Rip Video Progress is complete. If the upload is interrupted during this phase the upload will automatically continue where it left off upon reopening Video Express. Once upload progress says “Complete” the game is available on Synergy’s servers.

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