In this article, we will discuss how to create a box score and play-by-play in HTML format using DakStats, before uploading it to the Synergy Sports Video Express application. Explains how to create a compatible HTML box score and play-by-play via DakStats to upload to Synergy. If your team uses DakStats to generate your box scores and play-by-play, please follow the instructions below to create the correct HTML file.



1. Open Game in DakStats

Open the game in Dakstats


2. Print In Game

Go to File > Print In Game


3. Select Box Score and Two-Click Play by Play

In the Select Report(s) window  select both Box Score and Two-Click Play by Play


4. Check Output Combined

Check the Output as combined file check box


Video Express-Dak.png


5. Print

Click Print


6. Upload to Synergy

The resulting HTML file can now be uploaded to Synergy. Please follow our How to Upload a Game's Boxscore and Play-by-Play to upload the file to Synergy.