As the Team Admin, you have access and responsibility to handle your team's Synergy accounts. You can add new users, send password resets, reactivate or deactivate existing users, and even send emails from the Users Tab.


Manage Users

Select the Users tab from the Team Site to access all of the users for your team's subscription. 


Once the Users Tab is open, on the left of the screen there is a menu that allows you to filter by user status, user type, and name or expiration date.


Add Users

To add a new user, select +Add.

After selecting +Add you can create Staff and Player accounts. You can enter the Name, Title, E-Mail, and Phone Number of the new User. If you are adding a Staff member whom you wish to have administrator access to your Synergy account, toggle the Administrator button to Yes.

Once all fields have been filled, select Add User, and the account will be created and a welcome email will be automatically generated with instructions for the user on how to set up their password for their Synergy account.

Manage User Accounts

To send password resets, reactivate or deactivate existing users, or email users, you must first select a user or multiple users. To do this, you can click on a user that is listed or select multiple users by marking the checkboxes in the upper right of the user squares.

Once the users have been selected, the send password reset, reactivate users, deactivate users, and email users options will become available. 

If you experience any issues or difficulties with your user management, please reach out to our Support Team at or call 1-800-411-1627.