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Modified on Sat, 25 May 2024 at 05:49 AM

The Upload Schedule feature shows the status of uploaded games, and it details which games a team is required to upload. The Upload Schedule also provides information on the competition categories and any additional comments that are associated with the upload. 


Navigating the Upload Schedule

To get started, click on the Game tab. Then click on the Upload Schedule tab. 


Use the Games Filters on the left to narrow down teams, and then select a team from the Team A dropdown.


Once the Games Filters have been applied and you have selected a team from the Team A dropdown, that team's upload schedule will appear. The upload schedule will have the most recent game listed at the top. 


The Upload Schedule tab includes functionality that provides information on:

  • Game Date
  • Game: Includes the names of the teams playing in the game
  • Type: Whether the game footage will be pulled from TV or requires an upload by a team participating in the game.
  • Status: Not Available, Complete, P1, P2, Future (Coming Soon)
    • Not Available: The game has not been uploaded yet or is a game that is in the future
    • P1: The game is in the Phase I Logged stage. This is the first step of the logging process and means Full Game Video is available for download in Video Express. 
    • P2: The game is in the Phase 2 Logged stage.  This is the second step of the logging process and means all logging and breakdowns have been completed. All videos and stats are available for this game.
    • Complete: The game has been fully logged, and all statistics are associated with the video.  
    • Future (Coming Soon): This means a game slot has not been created for this game as it is likely far in the future.  Once the game date nears, a game slow will be created for the game and can be used for upload. 
  • Competition: The type of game being played.  Typically, this column will detail whether it's an exhibition, regular season, or playoff game. 
  • Comments: This is where comments can be entered that detail context about the video uploaded or if there's an issue with the upload. 


As an added feature, clicking on Complete in the status column will redirect you to that game's breakdown. 


You can also click on a team name in the Game column to display that team's upload schedule. 

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