Personal / Shooting Fouls

To enter a personal foul, you click the court location where the foul occurred, then the colored foul button for the team who committed the foul. Clicking the foul button will automatically stop the clock if not stopped already.


You will then select the fouling player. Note that you can also choose Bench or Coach for the foul. Next, you select the type of foul. If a defensive player committed a foul you will have the personal foul option.


If a personal foul is selected, you will then be presented with the options of a shooting foul or a loose ball foul. The action can continue without selecting either of these options.

Once the type of foul is selected, click OK. Next, you select the player that drew the foul. You should be presented with players from the opposite team than the fouling player screen.


Finally select the number of free throws, if any, that were awarded.