A Steal is a follow-up event to a turnover.  It exists as a result of bad pass or ball handling types only, and cannot exist without it. As a result, the Steal button is only available in the Synergy Stats interface after the turnover action. 

To record a steal, follow the turnover workflow until you reach the Steal screen after Turnover types.

Under FIBA rules, a steal always includes: 

  • the defensive player touching the ball 
    • good defensive actions that push the opponent to lose the ball are not considered a steal (for example, this is the reason offensive foul turnover does not follow by steal)  
  • the steal is always credited to the first defensive player to have contact with the ball with any part of the body.  The intention is not needed to be credited with the steal. 

After reaching the Turnover Types screen, select the player for the steal.


Basketball rules state that a steal is only available after a bad pass and ballhandling turnovers. This is the reason why the option for crediting steal in Synergy Stats is only available in case those two turnover types are in place.



Select bad pass or ballhandling turnover, and then select the player who should be credited with the steal by clicking on the player’s jersey number or the No Steal option if no steal is in place.