In this article, we will discuss how to set the Synergy Team Logger to either sync once it comes back online, or not sync until you've manually chosen when it should.

If you are working in the Logger while offline, if it is set to sync the next time it's connected to the internet, often it will cause a delay in the operating speed of the logger as it is trying to sync all of the new information into the system.  If you'd prefer not to have this occur, you can customize that in the Offline Sync at Startup options in Settings. 

To get started, navigate to the hamburger menu in the upper right of the screen.  A drop-down will appear, click Settings.



In the General tab in Settings, you'll have two options to choose from Offline Sync at Startup and Offline Sync: Include Completed Games. 



When the Yes radio button is chosen in Offline Sync at Startup, the Logger will sync all new data that was input while the Logger was offline.  When No is chosen, the Logger will not do so and you will have to sync it manually.

When the Yes radio button is chosen in Offline Sync at Startup - Include Completed Games, the Logger will sync any new data you've input while offline and sync any new game information from any completed games in your games list. 

Once you've set your synching preferences, click Apply.