Player Management: Merge Players

Modified on Mon, 29 Apr 2024 at 06:39 PM

Under the Management tab, you now have the ability to Merge Players. If you have created duplicate players in order to use players in practice on both home and away teams, you can now merge these players into one profile for more accurate reporting. The ability to use the same player profile on both teams of a practice eliminates the need for creating duplicate players, and with the use of the Merge Players tool, you can now have any previous data rolled into a single player profile.


Getting Started

To start the process of merging players, select the Management tab. Click the Show My Players button, or use the Player Search bar to find your created players. Select your duplicate player, then click Merge Player in the top right of the app.



With the duplicate player in the search field on the left, and you will merge them with the primary player in the right search field. Verify the information listed is the player in question, name, birthday, height, weight, batting hand, throwing hand, and Player ID, which will be a My Team number. Once you have done that, then search for the primary player in the search field on the right. Verify the information listed is the correct player, their Synergy ID.


Now you have the ability to merge all listed events to one Player ID. You can also merge events from a single game or practice, if for example, early in you season, a player participated in a game, but was not previously entered into your roster and their events where recorded under a different players profile.

If you accidentally select the player profile of the wrong side of the merge, you can click the swap button between the search fields, and the player of the right will swap with the player on the left. It is important to note, that the event data always moves from the player on the left to the player on the right.

Once the event merge has been completed, you can return to the Management tab and delete the duplicate created player.

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