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In this article, we will discuss how to control video playback within the Synergy Sports Baseball Application. 

Video playback is an essential and dynamic part of the Synergy Baseball App. Not only can you use the app to watch film, but you can also send desired clips and games to the Synergy Editor for use in your own custom edits and playlists that can be shared with your entire team. 


Playback Options

From the app's menu selections, either send the video to the in-app player by selecting Playback, send the clips to the Synergy Editor, or select Compare to view clips side by side with the in-app player.


Playback: This is the default setting and uses the Baseball Application's built-in video player.  When viewing clips in Playback mode, you can also send playlists to the Synergy Editor. This is done from the player window.

Editor: Send playlists directly to the Synergy Editor, where you can create Custom Edits, trim clips, and review video.

Compare: View playlists using the in-app players split screen mode which allows you to compare two separate plays simultaneously, or view multiple angles, when available, of a single play simultaneously.

In the Synergy Baseball app, to set your preference, make a selection from the top left of any view. The app will remember your setting until you manually change it again.

In order to play the video click the play icon button. 

Video Player

The video player in the Synergy Baseball app has been redesigned to provide an even better user experience. The video player utilizes a Multi-Angle Layout, allowing you to view multiple camera angles of the same plays at the same time.  With the dark theme, you can view comfortably in any environment and watch multi-angle events side by side.


Video Player Controls 

The in-app video player contains a variety of controls to make the most of your experience. Controls currently available are (from top left to bottom right):

Return Arrow: In the upper left, clicking on it returns you to the Synergy Baseball app from the in-app player.

Full AB: click to expand the full At-Bat data associated with the current clip or set of clips. Click again to return to the playlist view.

Playlist/Event View: Toggle the selected clips as a list view or see them charted.

Display Pickoff Attempts: show pickoff attempts within the playlist view

Clip Duration: use dropdown to choose between Standard - the point from which the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand until it is returned to him or the play has concluded or Extended -play back all available video between pitches.

Pre Roll or Pitch Release Time: set the time in the clip prior to the release of the pitch using the dropdown menu. Default is 3 sec. 

Multi-Angle View: located to the left of the camera icon, is used to view the multi-angle video of a clip (when available) 

Camera Angle Names

  • The top bar above video player
    • Camera Angle menu
    • Send to Editor
    • Pop-out window
    • Fullscreen

Detailed Pitch Info

  • The bottom bar below the video player
  • Includes Pitch Type and Pitch Velocity when available

Player Controls: video player controls -

  • Play/Pause
  • Jump to Beginning of Clip
  • Previous Clip
  • Back One Frame
  • Playhead Scrubber
  • Forward One Frame
  • Next Clip
  • Jump to End of Clip
  • Send Clips to Editor
  • Full Screen

Side-by-Side View: Choose between Player to view the standard single screen video, or switch to Compare to view video side-by-side. For a more in-depth look at this exciting new feature, check out the Baseball Application: Compare Video article.

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