In this article, we will discuss how to playback video for displays and reports in the Multigame view of the Synergy Sports Softball Application. 

Playing clips from Multigame view works the same way as with the other views. In the upper left of the corner of the app, select your video playback option, Player, Editor, or Compare. Player will play video in the In-App player, Editor will send your selected clips to the Synergy Editor, and Compare will allow you to view video side-by-side in the In-App player. For a more in-depth look at the exciting new Compare feature, check out the Softball Application: Compare Video article.



Once you've chosen a playback option, select the clips you wish to view. To play all pitches or events, click the blue playback icon next to the display title and pitch count, above the display. 


To play a single pitch or event only, click the pitch or spray chart line, and then click the Play icon.


To play video for a selection of pitches, contact results, or pitch zones, either hold CTRL while you click the ones you want to review, or click and drag over an area of the chart to quickly select multiple pitches. Then click the video playback icon above the chart.

To play a selection of video for any report below the displays, except the Basic Statistics table, click on the row of interest in the table or click the Overall row to play all video for that specific table. 


Note: AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS percentages in the Basic Statistics table will not play video when selected. These percentages can be viewed by applying chart filters with the grey bar on the right of the spray chart. To learn more about chart filters, check out the Softball Application: Chart Filters article.