How to use the Quick Review Controls

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Using the Quick Review Toolbar

Below is an image showing what the Quick Review Toolbar looks like. Here you will be able to do different actions to navigate the video playback for replay and referee review. 


quick review action buttons.png


Playback Controls

There are four sections using for the playback controls. These sections include clipping, mode, VCR and speed. 

1.) Clipping: This section allows you to set the "In" and "Out" points on a section of video which are represented by the grey brackets on the playback bar. The clipping feature is usually only used for exporting video or interacting with the playback modes. Please see the image below to view what the playback bar and clipping buttons looks like.

playback bar.png



2.) Mode: This section controls the different methods of video playback. 


normal play mode.png : This button will play the video and stop the video when it reaches the end.

loop playback mode.png : This button will replay back the video from the beginning once the video has ended.

reverse playback mode.png : This button will playback the video in reverse once the video reaches the end.


3.) VCR: This section will house the basic playback controls of your video.


1st button.png - This is the rewind button. Please press and hold this button to use the rewind button properly.

2nd button.png - This button will allow you to step backwards. This button moves the video back one frame with each mouse click.

3rd button.png - This button will play the video in reverse.

pause button.png - This button will pause the video.

5th button.png - This button is the standard play button.

6th button.png  - This button will step forward which advances the video forward with each mouse click.

7th button.png - This button will fast forward by pressing and holding down the button.


4.) Speed: This section toggles the speed at which the video plays when using the play in reverse and standard play button in the VCR control section. This will be the 3rd and 5th button in the VCR section section above.




Zoom Feature

The zoom tool will open up a window on the video player that will show your level of zoom which can be adjusted using the plus and minus bar. The level of zoom will be reflected by the highlighted blue area in the window, which is opened up. The blue area can be dragged with a mouse click around the window to adjust the location of the zoom. 

zoom 1st button.png : This button opens up the zoom. An example of what this looks like will be in the video below.

zoom feature.gif

zoom 2nd button.png : This button resets the zoom.



Export Feature

The export feature will look at the "In" and "Out" points which is represented by the grey brackets on the playback bar. These brackets can be manually adjusted by dragging or using the clipping buttons at the bottom of the toolbar. Below is an image of what the clipping buttons look like:

in point.png

out point.png


Below is an image of how the brackets can be manually adjusted.

playback bar.png

If you were to click on the 1st icon below, it will export the film between the bracket location that you have set with a maximum of 15 mins of video.

zoom 1st button.png : This button is for exporting the video

export 2nd button.png : This button is used for screenshots. The screenshots will save locally to your computer.




Streams Feature

This feature is only used when you have additional camera angles connected to the Synergy Automated Camera System. The feature will allow you to toggle between the different camera angles.

Streams 2.png


Scoreboard Feature

This feature is only available if you have a system with a shot clock camera and not the scorebot that is connected to your scoreboard controller. If you have this feature you will have a checkbox that will enable a Picture in Picture display of the shot clock.



Friendly Reminder: If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

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