In this article, we will discuss how to use the video overlay feature, within the Synergy Sports Baseball Application. 

Video Overlay

To get started with video overlay, you should already be in the video player. Select one clip from each side of the side-by-side playlist and then click Overlay, located under the playlist to the right.

Additional controls will appear under the playlists to help manage video overlay, and you have the option to manage video overlay in full screen mode.  

Use the Left and Right controls to select which window you will be modifying. The arrows on your keyboard can be used to adjust the window you have selected.

Note: If you have either Left or Right selected, you will not be able to use your keyboard to view the clips frame-by-frame. You will need to deselect the controls to get this option back, or use the frame-by-frame controls in the video player.

The magnifying glasses will increase or decrease the size of the window you have selected. 


Use the Change Video Opacity tool to make a clip more or less transparent.