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Modified on Mon, 29 Apr 2024 at 05:44 PM

In this article, we will discuss how to use the video player to manage side-by-side playlists within the Synergy Sports Baseball Application. 

Compare Mode in Video Player

Once you've sent your side-by-side playlist to the video player, the video player will automatically open in Compare Mode. Select video clips from each playlist to view the videos. You have a variety of options to control the videos that you select.


Use play controls under each video player to change location in a video clip, or use the universal play controls at the bottom to change location in both video players simultaneously.

The slider allows you to quickly change location within clips.  

The frame-by-frame controls allow you to go through clips one frame at a time.

The skip controls will take you to the beginning or end of a clip.


Change camera angle or adjust video duration above each video player.  

Use the Set button to mark the sync point for each video player. Drag the sync point to move location in video clip and click  Set  again to remove the sync point. If you'd like to jump to the sync point in each video play you can click Go To. 


If you'd like to collapse or expand playlists you can do so by clicking the arrow above the respective playlist. 


You have the option to send clips from the video player to Synergy Editor, using the download buttons. The buttons above the playlists will send clips from the respective window. The download button at the bottom right will send clips from the left window, as a default.


Additional options to customize your playlist name and preferences are available:

  • Rename playlist titles by clicking the Edit buttons above each playlist table.
  • Use the settings gear icon in the bottom right contains options when switching video clips in each playlist.
    • Autoplay begins playing video automatically.
    • Lock Time maintains the same time in scrubber.

The Video Player also has a video overlay feature. Video overlay places one video clip on top of another, so that users can compare and contrast different game events. Navigate to the Baseball Application: Compare Video – Video Overlay article to learn more about this feature.

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