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The all new Practice view is located in the top right of the Baseball App, between the Reports view and the Single Game view. This tab allows you to retrieve practice footage and it's associated data that your team has captured using the Synergy Team Logger. You practice data is only viewable by members of your team.


Getting Started

When you open the Practice view, all of your uploaded practice data from the Synergy Team Logger will be displayed, grouped by practice session type, in tables. The practice session types are:

  • Sim Games
  • Batting Practice
  • Bullpen
  • Training/Workout

In the top left of the Practice view, you have the ability to search the your practice sessions by Player or Team using the search bar. Additionally, you can filter your practice sessions by League, Season, Team, and Player, using the dropdown menus. Only practice sessions including your search and filter results will display. To clear your search or session filters, click the Clear button.



You can also sort all table columns by clicking on the header, and reversing the order by clicking a second time.

To quickly view all video clips associated with a practice, you can simply click the play icon next to the practice session you would like to view.

For a comprehensive view of the data logged during your practice session, select the desired session, and then click the View Session button.


NOTE: To return to the practice tab home screen from within a practice session, you must click the arrow button on the left of the screen. This will allow you to select a different practice session.


Sim Game

Sim Games function very similarly to a standard game. This session type is best for scrimmages and unconventional game situations. When viewing a Sim Game session, it will display in the Single Game format, with pitch locations, hit locations, event results, associated video, and any other data you have logged during the session. For a more detailed look into the Single Game format and all of its features, click here.


Batting Practice

Select the batting practice session you would like to review, and above the tables, a list of the players who participated in that session will be displayed. Click the View Session button to view your recorded data.


To view the full batting practice session, click the Play Full Game icon in the center of the screen. 

To view an individual pitch, you can click on the play icon on the right of the event.


Each group from the batting practice session will be displayed along the top right of the window. You can the events by group, by selecting the desired group button. By selecting a group, all of that groups events will display along the bottom of the window. You can deselect the group by clicking the group button a second time.

When a group is selected, the players within the group will be displayed below the group buttons. You can filter for each player by clicking on the players name beneath the group name, and this will display only the selected players events.

If you have have entered any hit location or other data, it will be reflected in the hit location chart, and the data table.

If you have only entered time stamps, and no data has been logged, the clips are still available for viewing, but the data fields will be listed as unknown. This can be a quick and easy way to simply cut up your batting practices for easier review by players and staff.



In the Bullpen table, all of your logged bullpen practices will be listed. There is a play icon next to each practice. Click the Play icon and it will play all of the video associated with the practice session. To view the associated data, select your session, and above the tables click the View Session button.



To view the a playlist of all pitches in the data table, click the Play Full Game button above the data table. To view the video of an individual pitch, click the Play icon next to the pitch you would like to watch.


A button for each of the pitchers from the bullpen session will be displayed in the upper right of the window. When a player is selected, all of the players pitches will be listed in the data table, and the pitch locations are shown on the display. When a pitch is selected in the data table, the intended pitch location will be highlighted on the display, as well as the pitch location itself.



In the video player, the video will display, if multiple angles were used, they will display side-by-side. To the right of the video player your pitch playlist will be display and you can navigate between the different clips. Above the playlist, you can click the Field icon, and this will display the data associated with the clip you are viewing, including Pitch Location, Pitch Type, Velocity, Pitch Delivery, Pitch Execution, and Intended Pitch Location.


The video player also has tools to play and pause the video, advance or reverse by one frame, skip clips back and forth, and advance and reverse the video. Above the navigation tools on the left, you can adjust the amount of pre-roll before the pitch using the dropdown menu.



You also have the ability to use the Compare view by clicking Compare at the bottom right of the window. This allows you to compare two separate pitches side by side, or overlay video from two pitches by clicking the Overlay button within the compare view. For a more in depth look at the compare view, check out the article here.



The Training/Workout sessions are purely video files, with no data attached to them. This is meant to be a simple video repository, to allow for categorization of video files that can be easily accessed by members of your staff. When you select a Training/Workout session, all players and labels assigned to the session will display above the tables as a preview. 


To view Training/Workout video, simply click the play icon next to the listed workout and the grouped clips will display in the video player.



You can view the players and labels associated by clicking the labels button in the top right of the video player.

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