Synergy Team Site Release Notes

Modified on Fri, 05 Apr 2024 at 05:31 PM

Current Release

We are excited to share the new NEW Team Site with all Synergy Users! There are many new and innovative features we are excited to bring to you. With this update, we provide you with the best-in-class experience you expect from Synergy Sports. Your feedback is an important and vital part of our product and process. Please feel free to use the tools available on the site or reach out to our Support team at any time with your ideas, comments or questions.  Explore the NEW Team Site Here:  



What's New |  Coming Soon

What's New



New Features

Users with the Insights Package now have access to Player Impact Leaderboards. These Leaderboards evaluate the overall impact a player makes when they are on the court. This new leaderboard provides the Synergy Player Impact, Offensive Impact, Defensive Impact, and Wins Added data, allowing coaches to fully identify that player's contribution to their team.

Note: If you do not see the Impact Leaderboard data you are seeking, be sure to update the Comparison Group filter, at the bottom.



Users with the Insights Package now have access to Player Projections Leaderboards and Box Scores. Player projections identify the expected box score contributions that players will make to their respective teams. This leaderboard and box score follow the player's history and trends to give coaches a better idea of how that player might perform the rest of the season.


Note: The Player Projections now provide On Ball PPP and Off Ball PPP projections.



Users with the Insights Package now have access to a "Compare Players" button for Player Comps, on the Player page. When the "All Excluding Exhibitions" competition is selected for a player with player comps, a 'Compare Players' link is available. This will take you to the Comparison page with the player and his/her comps automatically selected for comparison.



Player Tracking customers now have access to a NBA PT Date Range filter.  The Date Range filter is now available to filter the data down to a subset of games, allowing customers to cut back the data if needed.


Bug Fixes

  • Game summary chart was showing one team with all stats when both teams had the same abbreviated name
  • Occasionally Player pages were missing PPP and % Time Ranks
  • Leaderboards were not showing for new Overtime Elite league









  • Split the Name and Date column on the Practice Tab (for Max Editor users): utilizing the Practice feature, the name and date fields are now separated (previously they were combined) so that users can sort by names or dates.
  • Added Player Jersey Number to Leaderboards Export: Added a column with the player's jersey number to the Leaderboards export so users can find players by jersey number.
  • Added Offensive Player Role to Cumulative Box Score (for users with Insights Package): Added the Offensive Player Role on the Player Box Score so that users can see the player role of all the players on a team at one glance.
  • NBA PT Additions (for users with player tracking permissions):
    • Added a disclaimer to the filter panel for how ranks are calculated 
    • Changed the Forced Help sub rows to include Drives Right or Drives Left 


Bug Fix

Fixed the High School Box Scores that were having issues displaying Game Flow charts

    • Before:


    • Now:







New Features

Users can now share High School full-game videos with non-customers. These recipients will be able to view videos 25 times before needing a new link.







New Features

Users with the Insights package now have access to Team Adjusted LeaderboardsThis new functionality delivers rankings that account for several factors:

  • the strength of the opponent
  • the venue (home or away)
  • the number of rest days taken before the game (i.e. travel schedules)
  • the stakes of the moment (was it a high leverage possession in a tight game or a "garbage time" play?)
  • the stage of the season (was it the first game of the year?)


Team Adjusted Leaderboards can be found under the 'Leaderboards' tab.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 2.44.00 PM.png







New Features

Users with the Insights package now have access to Player Comparables. The top-5 Player Comps for a player – within their division or league as well as the top-5 'NBA role models' for the non-NBA leagues  are now available when “All Excluding Exhibitions” is selected. This information is intended to assist with player evaluations, prospect scouting, opponent scouting, and player development.

NoteThe Competition dropdown must be set to “All Excluding Exhibitions” for Player Comps to display.

MicrosoftTeams-image (3).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (2).png





New Features

Default Table Views - All tables now have additional default table views. These consist of Basic, Advanced, Defensive, Fouls, etc. views. These views were created to eliminate horizontal scrolling, outside of the All Data view and the custom views created by users.




Added Possessions + Assists row to Game Breakdown page



Added Player Role to Player Selection Page (for those with permissions)








New Features

  • Video Playlists for the Editor Practice Box Score is ready once the Editor Practice Box Score functionality is released.
  • Ability to place Shot Quality and Player Role functionality behind permissions.  Also a 'lock' icon for those features that clients don't have access to.  Hovering over the lock will notify the user to contact their Account Manager. 
    • This functionality is currently behind a feature toggle, once Sales feels they have the permissions setup correctly (those who will still have access with permission), then the toggle will be flipped.


Bug Fixes

  • Transfer Status was reset when another filter was changed.  This has been corrected.






New Features

College Women Transfer Portal Leaderboards - Added Transfer Status filter to College Women leaderboards specific to NCAA Division 1 transfers. 


Possessions + Assists Ranks and Ratings - Added ranks and ratings to the Possessions + Assists table for Players



Bug Fixes

  • Scouting Report pages were not applying the selected competition filter.

  • Data disappearing when changing between multiple play types multiple times.


New Features

College Men Transfer Portal filter on Player Leaderboards.  This functionality will allow users to populate a Leaderboard containing:

  • All Players in College Men
  • Players intending to Transfer (AKA in the Transfer Portal) (for NCAA Division 1 and 2)
  • Players who have committed from the transfer portal (By joining a new team)  

**This data is provided by Verbal Commits







New Features

Grassroots 2022 Event Book Data now available - For users who have access to our Grassroots data, the 2022 circuit data is now available for Under Armour, EYBL, and 3SSB Boys and Girls.  This page also contains links to the player pages where available.  If you'd like access to this data, please contact your Account Manager.



NBA Academy 2022-23 rosters now available - For users who have access to NBA Academy data, the 2022-23 rosters for Global, Latin America, and Africa academies, the player data is now available on the Grassroots tab.  This page also contains links to the player pages where available.  If you'd like access to this data, please contact your Account Manager.



Leaderboards UI Updates - The Leaderboards page has now removed pagination and made scrolling a better experience both horizontally and vertically.






New Features

Player Offensive Roles - new offensive role labels are defined by how a player tries to help their team score points, either through the shots that they take themselves or the ones they set up for their teammates with their playmaking.

NoteUntil July 1, 2023 Player Offensive Roles will be free for all Team Site users. After that date, organizations will need to purchase it as an add-on service to continue using it.


  • Player Role label on the Player Data page - allows users to quickly see a player's offensive role within the season and competition, in order to build a better game plan.


  • Player Role Filter on the Player Leaderboards page - allows users to quickly find the leaders across numerous stats within a group of players with a similar offensive role


  • Player Role Filter on the Player Comparison page - allows users to quickly compare players with similar offensive roles.


  • Player Role filter on the Player Selection page - allows users to quickly pare down the list of players to those that fit a specific offensive role and see a quick glance of their last five games' stats.






New Features

New Formulas on Team Site - Double Doubles, Triple Doubles, Steals + Blocks, True Shooting Attempts (TSA), True Shooting % (TS%), Game Score, Free Throw Rate (FTA/FGA), 3 Point Rate (3PA/FGA), Steal to Turnover Ratio, Block and Foul Rate (Blk/Foul), Blocked FGA Rate (Blk FGA/FGA)




NBA P&R Ball Handler Big and Small Defender - This feature will break down the Big and Small Defender in P&R Ball Handler Defensive situations, allowing users to pinpoint the specific video they are looking for in key situations.




  • On Scouting Report > Heat Check tab, Player data was not showing in the correct location if player missed a game





New Features

Shot Quality Columns on Leaderboards and Scouting Report - Added the Synergy Shot Quality (SSQ), Synergy Shot Making (SSM), and Points per Shot (PPS) columns to the Leaderboards. Users can now get Leaderboards in different situations, based on the Shot Quality, by sorting on these stats.


All Excluding Exhibitions Default - Added the All Excluding Exhibitions Leaderboards and Ranks data, and made All Excluding Exhibitions the default competition type for all Leagues. Exhibition/Pre Season games will now be excluded by default.

Added PPS Rank and Rating to Shot Types Page - switched PPP stats to PPS stats on the Shot Types page to give a more accurate representation of shooting data.


Short Shot Clock filter - Added the short shot clock filter on both the Play Types and Shot Types pages.


Leaderboards 'Last Updated' - Added 'Last Updated" date to Leaderboards.


Bug Fixes

  • Global Search was not handling names with multiple parts correctly (i.e North Florida, East Carolina) 
  • Players list did not filter on Conference and Division correctly
  • Corrected Games Played counts for special situations





New Features

Short Shot Clock Filters (less than or equal to 5 seconds) - added to Play Type and Shot Type pages



Season Dropdown on some Player Pages - the dropdown for player mapping is now available on the player pages, for some leagues. This dropdown allows you to switch between seasons for players.

    • Note: Player mapping is not complete. Mappings for additional leagues and players will continue to be added throughout the 2022-23 season.



Jersey Numbers Added to more Player pages - jersey numbers were added to Player Leaderboards, Player details Player Comparison, and Player Selection pages.


Bug Fixes

  • Game 'Type' filter was not working on the Game selection page
  • %Time on Leaderboard was greater than 100% for some 'including passes' situations
  • Possessions/Game values were incorrectly calculated on the Team>Player Breakdown, in some situations


What's New


New Features

Shot Types Filter for Put Backs/Transition/Half Court-  new filters were added to the Shot Types page for Put Backs, Transition, Half Court, and All.  If one of these is selected the data will only show for that play type.  Half Court includes all half court play types (excluding put backs). 

*Note: This is not a multi-select function


Iso-Overall section on the Player>Play Types page - This new section shows the overall Iso tendencies across Top, Left, or Right Iso's


Post Up-Overall section on the Player>Play Types page - This new section shows the overall Post Up tendencies across Left/Right Block and Flash Middle Post Ups.


All Short Shot Clock Possessions Row - We added the Short Shot Clock row to the Overall tab on the Team and Player pages.


Updated Team List - The new Team list removes the pagination and allows users to search across all teams, not just those on the first page.  There is also a general face lift to make the game log and last 5 games even clearer.


Hide Future Games- Where applicable, users can hide the future games

Bug Fixes

  • PBP was showing incorrect score after Put Backs
  • Selecting a Team from Global Search was not updating the data on the Player/Team Pages
  • Last Login time on User Management page was not including if they had logged in to view video


What's New


New Features

Drive Direction Table -On the Player page, a Drive Direction tendency table was added to the Play Types tab.  No longer just Isolation, now this table covers drive tendencies across Iso, Spot Up, Post Up>Face Up, and P&R Roll Man>Pick and Pop.



P&R Ball Handler - Overall - added the Overall summary for P&R Ball Handler on the Play Types page.  Before the breakdown was just High, Left or Right, but now the tendencies are across all three.  This same functionality will be added for Iso and Post Up soon.



Clock values on 'Additional PBP Information' - On the Game Page, the clock values were added to the Additional PBP Information.



Bug Fixes

  • Player Search on Leaderboards was not always returning the proper results



What's New


New Features

  • Updated team and competition filters on selection pages - will only show teams or competitions if games were played in that season
  • Added additional Play By Play information to the Games>Play By Play page - allows users to 'toggle' the display for Play by Play


  • Updated All Isolation totals - on the Games>Play Types page, All Isolation totals will reflect defense commits and all-including passes
  • Hid Unidentified/Unknown players from Leaderboards
  • Added a new competition type called "All excluding Exhibitions" 
    NOTE: "All excluding Exhibitions" will not be set as the default competition type at this time.  There are no leaderboards or PPP/%Time ranks for this competition type.  If those are needed they will have to select a specific competition or '"All".

Bug Fixes 

  • Some Teams were not displaying in the dropdowns on selection pages
  • Period filter was ignored on Game Breakdown playlists and player breakdown
  • Search box was not displaying teams searched correctly
  • Full Game Video links were showing for old games that weren't available for FGV
  • On Game>Game Breakdown, All Free Throws was showing the possession leading up to the free throw instead of the actual Free Throw


  • Comparison (formerly Digital DNA)

    • The Comparison functionality allows users to select combinations of teams and players across seasons, leagues, and competition types.  Users can use this functionality to find good player or team comparisons to their players or opponents. 

  • Live Video to Editor 
    • This functionality allows users to ‘stream’ video from the Team Site for use in the Editor if they have the Max Editor permissions. image-20220617-143210.png
  • Tablet Web Browser View Updates

    • These changes make the Team Site views optimized on tablets. This allows customers to have a better experience when visiting the site on the tablet.




  • PPP and %Time Ranks on Player and Team Pages-The Ranks functionality on the Team and Player pages will allow users to see where the team or player ranks in PPP or %Time over certain situations. Any situation we have available on the new Leaderboards will also have PPP and %Time ranks available. They will also be able to link out to the corresponding Team/Player Leaderboard for that situation. This functionality will allow users to scout at a glance the tendencies and skill of teams and players in those situations.
    NOTE: For College Men and Women and Grassroots leagues, the ranks are based on division (NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, 17U, 16U, etc)

  • Scouting Report-For those users with scouting report permissions, the Scouting Report functionality allows teams to select an opponent and display comparisons. These comparisons currently include a stat summary, last 10 games for both teams and key players, and an evaluation of tempo in number of possessions and effectiveness. This feature provides coaches a snapshot of important metrics in evaluating their upcoming opponents.

  • Security updates

Bug Fixes

  • Player names with commas were messing up the Leaderboards exports


  • Leaderboards-The Leaderboard functionality will place players and teams in order, ranking them based on the situation and stat selected. Customers will be able to gain insights based on the ranking of players or teams. The Leaderboards help them understand how players and teams compare to the rest of the league/competition in the selected situation and stat. Coaches can build game plans around how strong or weak teams or players are in certain situations. The Leaderboards allows customers to set a minimum number of possessions, select situations, export to Excel or CSV, and sort the leaderboards simply by clicking in the column header.
    NOTE: Leaderboards v1 will not include sub-play type breakdowns such as (Baseline, Drives Right, etc)


  • Upload Schedule-The Upload Schedule page will provide users with a quick view of games requiring uploads. It will also provide accurate status for the games. The Upload Schedule can be found on the Games page>Upload Schedule tab. Once you select a team, the Upload Schedule for that team will display.Release_3.3.22_Image3.png

  • Link from the Team name on Game Details page header to the Team Page



  • Grassroots 2021 Data-For those with permissions, 2021 Grassroots event book data is now available on the Beta Team Site. We have Nike EYBL Boys and Girls, Adidas 3SSB Boys and Girls, and Under Armour Boys available.
  • 2FG% and 3FG% added to Team and Player pages-These two data points are now available on the Team and Player pages (Overall, Shot Type, Play Type).


  • Grassroots Page-For those with permissions, the Grassroots page will provide electronic versions of the event books for the Grassroots leagues. Customers will have the capability to access the contact information for the players in the Grassroots leagues.  They will also be able to quickly access the player page, games, and All Offensive and Defensive Possessions video for players who have completed events.


  • Profile Menu/Header Update-The profile menu (found by selecting the name in the upper right corner) has been revamped. There are now the following options in the upper right corner/profile menu:


  1. Link to the Legacy Site

  2. Print functionality

  3. Release Updates Icon-This links to a page containing notes on the past releases and the future release plans.

  4. Settings Page (Filters, Video Settings, Stats Settings, Favorites)

  5. Support Page-This page links to the ‘How To’ Guides for the Beta Team Site

  6. Download Links-This page provides links to download the different products used for basketball customers.

  7. Submit Feedback-To submit feedback, users can add a comment and vote up or down any features already requested.

  8. Community-This is a place for all customers to add ideas, ask questions, etc.

  9. My Edits-The Custom Edits page

  10. Logout

  • Added Video Option for Viewing a Randomized Playlist-Users can now send video playlists to the Editor or In Browser Player in random order. For example, if the user selects to send 500 clips of a 891 clip playlist in random order, 500 clips will be randomly selected and ordered from those 891 clips.

  • Added a Game count to the Player and Team pages

  • Play Types tab on the Player and Team pages now sorts by # of Possessions by default

  • Added Transition>Catch and Shoot FGA to the Player and Team Shot Types pages Catch and Shoot row
    NOTE: this means that the Basketball App and Legacy Team Site will have a lower number of ‘Catch and Shoot’ than the Beta Team Site as they do not include Transition>Catch and Shoot FGA

  • Added headers to the Print Options



  • Send to Editor-The Send to Editor Functionality allows users to send playlists to Editor where they can trim, tag, and create Edits. This functionality allows users to access the benefits of Editor from the Beta Team Site. They are now better able to prepare video for coaching, scouting, and evaluating.
    NOTE: Users will need to ensure they have the latest version of the Editor to utilize this functionality.



  • Custom Edits Page-The Custom Edits Page will allow users to quickly delete/reorder clips in their Edits.  The Custom Edits will open in the In Browser Player. My Edits can be accessed by clicking on the user name in the upper right corner and selecting ‘My Edits’. The Custom Edits Page contained within the In Browser Player will allow a better user experience for customers. The ability to manage the clips within the Edits will give customers added convenience for quick updates.



  • Print Functionality-The print functionality will allow the user to select the portions of the page that they would like to print. This functionality allows users to print or save PDFs of important player/team information that they can access at a later time.

  • Competition Display For only Teams/Players with Games in that Competition-Now users will only see competitions listed for teams that played a game in that competition.

  • Player Minutes Bug Fix for Highlighting time on court in the Video player instead of just when that player is the Ball Handler-After last release, the Player Minutes>Play in Flow functionality was only playing that players possessions as ball handler, now it is playing all the possessions in which that player was on the court.



  • Player Minutes-For the leagues that have accurate player minutes, the Player Minutes functionality allows users to view playlists for only the selected player and game. The Play in Flow functionality will display a full game, but only show the minutes the player is on the floor. The Play as Clips functionality will play all clips in which the player was on the court. This page allows users to pinpoint all possessions that this player played to gain insights outside of possessions by this player. This provides the ability to view the off ball contributions of the selected player in the selected game.

  • Single Game Shot Chart-The Single Game Shot Chart is available on the Games page. This allows filtering by Player, Period/Time, Possession Result, and Team. Customers can see the shot locations for all shots within the game. Filtering down allows users to better find the exact shots needed to evaluate the player/team from that game. There is also a link to the Basketball App (for those customers with Multi-Game Shot Chart permissions) allowing additional filters and data.Shot_Chart.jfif

  • Play All or Selected on Games>Play by Play page-This functionality includes the ability to Select/Deselect all Play By Play currently filtered, select individual plays to build a playlist by selecting the middle box, and select entire quarters/halves for playback.


  • Added ‘All Field Goal Attempts’ Row to Player and Team Shot Types tab



  • Customizable Tables and Views - Users will be able to add/remove rows and columns from the tables. They will also be able to save these views for the future. Users can better structure Synergy's tables to match what they need for their purposes. 


  • Added Competition Type to Games Selection Page-This enhancement will allow users to better identify games without using the filters.MicrosoftTeams-image.png
  • Send Email to Users functionality-This functionality will allow Admins to select user(s) and when selecting ‘Email Users’ will open the user’s default email client from their settings.MicrosoftTeams-image__1_.png



  • Changed Upcoming Opponents Functionality-Upcoming Opponents for the Game view remained the same. For the Team and Player views, the functionality now matches the Team and Player views for the three upcoming opponents.



  • Favorites Functionality - The Favorite functionality will allow you to select players or teams as ‘favorites.’  To select a favorite, select the Star icon from the Player or Team pages. 


  • Use the Favorite Filters to display these teams/players on the Game/Team/Player selection pages. Build lists of important players/teams, providing a comprehensive list for scouting, recruiting, and other duties. 


*Note: With this change, the Upcoming Opponents filter has been moved to the sub tabs across the top.

  • Added Press Breakdown (To Transition and To Half Court) - Access new functionality from the  Team and Player Overall tab to visualize Added Press Breakdown (To Transition and To Half Court)


  • Selecting a player in the Team>Player Breakdown will load that player page for the same filters previously selected on the team page



  • User Management Functionality - The User Management page allows Admins to seamlessly manage their Coaches and/or Player access. Perform bulk password resets and update expiration updates as well as provide easy creation and editing of user accounts. The new User Management page will allow an easier, clearer method of managing the users for Team Admins.  

*Note: Any changes made in old Team Site will come across to Beta Team Site, and vice versa.



  • %Time Column on Team and Player data tables – The % Time column more clearly defines the amount of possessions for each row in the tables, giving a better picture of the team or player’s tendencies.Percent_Time.jpg


  • Change Drilldown Functionality for Team and Player Views – Improved workflow for showing player breakdown for Team Views, and Game Log (Filtration users only)/Sub Types breakdown for Player Views.

Previous Functionality:



New Functionality:





  • Universal Player and Team Search - Quickly and easily navigate to the player or team page with a quick search. Selecting Load More Teams or Load More Players will launch a Search Results page with more results and the ability to filter those results.

*Note: Only the most recent season of a team will be displayed. Selecting this will take you to the Team page where you can select previous seasons.


  • Settings PageThe settings page allows you to customize and set defaults on three main categories. This page can be accessed by selecting your name in the upper right corner and selecting Settings.


    • Filters-You can customize and save any number of filters to fit your different scouts and responsibilities. You can also set a default filter and that filter will always load on login. This new feature helps you save time and effort by adding all the filters you need to the Quick Filters section.
    • Video Default Settings-You can set your video preference to ask every time or send straight to default.
    • Stats Defaults-You can set your default table view to show Total Possessions or Possessions per Game based on preference.



  • Competition Filter Added to Team View - The Team Selection page now allows you to filter by Competition type. The results will only show those teams who have played a game within that competition type.
  • Multi-Select on Filters - The selection pages now allow you to multi-select competition types, conferences, and divisions.
  • Added %FT to Player and Team Tables



  • Player Sub Play Types Breakdown on Player Play Types View - This provides the breakdown of tendencies for players within each play type (i.e. Iso>Left Side Iso>Drives Baseline>Dribble Jumper or Post Up>Left Block>Turns Left Shoulder>Jump Shot). This feature provides parity to the Player functionality on the Legacy Team Site. It allows users to see tendencies of individual players within the different Play Types.


  • Player Breakdown in Team Views for Overall/Play Types/Shot Types views - This provides the breakdown within the Team views for all players on the team. It will provide the statistics for each player on the team within the main Team views. This feature provides parity to the Team functionality on the Legacy Team Site. It allows users to determine the top players on the team within each view.



  • Game Breakdown in Player Views for Overall/Play Types/Shot Types views – For our Advanced Analytics customers, this provides the breakdown of games for players within these three views. This feature allows users to pinpoint individual games within an Overall category, Play Type, or Shot Type.  This allows users to identify outliers and use those to build scouts.Player_Game_Log.jpg
  • Poss + Assist Table added to Overall tab on Player view – The possessions plus assists table shows the player’s offensive possessions as well as any assists they recorded.  This gives a broader view of that player’s offensive performance.
  • Added link from Lineups tab to Basketball App – For our Advanced Analytics customers, a link between the Games page>Lineups view and the Basketball App will be available. This will allow you to quickly see the Lineups for the current game in the Basketball App where you can see additional lineups and apply any filters to the lineups. This functionality allows our Advanced Analytics users to seamlessly link out to the Basketball app where they can see additional lineups and apply filters to glean the insights they are looking for.
  • NEW Option to Hide rows with no data on Player Views
  • Multi-Select capabilities on Games and Players selection page filter
  • Multi-Select capabilities on Player and Possession Result on Play By Play page
  • Change clip order to Show Most Recent Game first
  • Added Jump Shot Range to Shot Type tables in Player and Team Views
  • Updated In Browser Player Branding



  • Games Views, including Extended Box Score, Play Types (both Player and Team), Play By Play, Game Breakdown, and Lineups views
  • Team Views, including Overall, Play Types (without the Player breakdown), Shot Types, and Cumulative Box Score
  • Player Views, including Overall, Play Types (without the further play type breakdown), Shot Types, and Cumulative Box Score

Bug Fixes


The bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • Player Minutes Games Played are based on minutes instead of just Possessions now



The bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • Increased number of results on Selection pages when searching within results

  • Time now remains populated in filters when switching from Shot Chart to Play By Play on Games page

  • Extended Box Score Starters and Bench are now in a more logical order


The bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • Ability for Settings to remain if users switch browsers

  • When Filtering In Browser Player, playback stops when the clip changes


The bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • Poss + Ast Player table video-The Poss + Ast Video Playlists were not filtering down to the player only


The bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • Game date occasionally incorrect on In-Browser Play lists


The bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • Overall Record Showing Incorrectly– Occasionally the team’s record was showing incorrectly by one game, but this is now corrected.
  • Games Showing as Not Available and Teams not showing in Dropdown – We no longer show future games that are not available and we now show all teams in the team dropdown that match the filters.
  • Keep Player highlighted on Player Cumulative Box Score page – We now keep the player highlighted on sort.


Coming Soon!

  • Future Enhancements
    • Shot Quality - This feature allows users to view a player's shot-making ability well as the quality of their shots (easy looks v. tough shots).  This allows coaches and the front office to evaluate the likelihood of players making shots based on the difficulty of the look and that player’s expected shot-making ability.

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