In this article, we will discuss how to select camera angles and files for upload in the Video Express for Softball. 

Video Express now allows you to upload Multi-Angle video from a variety of camera angles, which translates into more detail and depth of analysis possible with our other Softball products.  

From the Video Express Quality Selector / Comments page, select the number of camera angles you wish to upload by using the Total Camera Angles dropdown menu.  (Note: Once selected, the application will remember the setting for subsequent uploads.  If at any time you wish to change this, simply reselect the number of Camera Angles from the dropdown menu).

  • *Note: For the most accurate data, Synergy strongly recommends uploading CF for Camera Angle 1

When selecting only one camera angle. (not recommended), select from the options below:

  • CF
  • Broadcast
  • Low Home



When selecting two camera angles, select from the options below:

 Camera Angle 1

  • CF
  • Broadcast

Camera Angle 2:

  • High Home
  • Low Home

When selecting three or more camera angles. Select from the options below:

 Camera Angle 1 options:

  • CF
  • Broadcast

Camera Angle 2 options:

  • High Home (Default, preferred angle for video/data on Fielding, Throwing, and Baserunning Reports)
  • Low Home - Secondary angle (only if High Home not available) for video/data on Fielding, Throwing, and Baserunning Report 

Camera Angles 3-6 options:

  • LHP Open
  • RHH Open
  • RHP Open
  • LHH Open



You must also identify the source of the video using the Source dropdown menu. Select from:

  • TV
  • Non-TV

Adding a File

Select video files by clicking the "+" button to the right of the Add Video File(s) field for each Camera Angle.

When prompted, browse to the file location on your computer and select the video you wish to upload.

If you have multiple files for a specific camera angle, please be sure to include all the files (preferably selected in the correct sequential order) at the same time by using one of the multi-select methods appropriate for your computer, or add them sequentially, one at a time to the appropriate Camera Angle.

  • *Note: Ideally, it is best to keep the number of files uploaded per angle to the minimum amount possible. Uploading under 10 files per angle will help to manage any space issues you may encounter on your computer locally which could affect the ability to upload.

Video files can only be added during this stage.  Once started, you cannot add more video files to the current upload.  Should you need to remove a file prior to upload, select the red X from the Delete File column to the right of the file name you wish to delete.

  • *Note: If you upload an incorrect video file, please attempt a new upload and attach the correct video files along with notifying Synergy as to which video files are correct for that game.



Use the  Continue or Cancel button in the lower right to proceed. Selecting Continue will begin the  Upload process, Cancel will return you to the Home Screen and cancel the previous selections.

Once the upload process has begun, monitor the progress from the Video Express Quality Selector / Comments page for each file/angle.