In this article, we will discuss how to find the raw and Synergy full game video on your computer after you have downloaded them in the Synergy Sports Video Express application. You must have already completed How to Download a Game using Video Express to access files on your hard drive.



  • Find Documents Folder
    • Go to the computer’s Documents folder
  • Locate Video Express
    • Locate and open the "Video Express" folder located in your Documents folder.
  • Open Download Folder

    • Locate and open the "Download" folder.
  • Open Game Folder
    • Locate and open the folder for the downloaded game. The naming structure for all downloaded games is ”yyyy.mm.dd  - Away Team at Home Team.”
  • Access Video Files

    • Open the individual game folder to access the downloaded video files.


You have successfully located the video files that have been downloaded via Video Express. These video files can now be used for editing and burning purposes.