After starting a match, you will need to keep track of what side of the court teams are on as well as all possession changes. Some possession changes will update automatically after you've entered an event, while other possession changes will need to be manually updated.

Switching Team Court Sides 

Users can switch court sides for the home and away teams at any point in the match by using the Switch icon. 

Change of Possession

Each team has a possession arrow, which will either be white or grey. A team will have a white arrow when they are in possession of the ball, and a grey arrow when they are not.  To manually update a change in possession, click on the grey possession arrow. You can also update possession changes by pressing the "TAB" button on your keyboard.

Direction of Attack

The direction of attack allows users to track which team is in current possession of the ball and the direction (or goal) the team is attacking. The direction of attack is shown with an arrow in the middle of the court. When a change in possession is implemented, the direction of attack will update.