Synergy Stats allows a live game duration of approximately eight hours. Since the system becomes active immediately upon entering the scheduled fixture, it's recommended to set up the game no more than 2 hours before its start time.


Fixtures Screen

After logging in, you'll be directed to the Fixtures Screen, which displays a list of all upcoming games within the next seven days that align with your user access.

To begin game setup, find the scheduled game on the Fixtures Screen and click the green arrow button on the right side of the fixture row. This will take you to the Game Details Screen. 

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Fixture Status Options

  • Scheduled: Planned for a specific date/time.
  • Pending: Delayed past the original schedule.
  • Canceled: Will not be played.
  • Confirmed: Completed with final score verified.
  • Finished: Completed with game time elapsed.
  • Bye: One team is not playing in the current round/week/event.
  • Postponed: Delayed to an unspecified date/time.
  • If Needed: Conditional upon certain circumstances.
  • In Progress: Currently ongoing.
  • Players on Court: Players are on the pitch
  • Players Warming up: Players are warming up 

Game Details Screen

Once you have selected a fixture, the Game Details screen will load. On the Game Details Screen, you will need to assign match officials (name and role), and if known, you should enter the match attendance. After you have assigned all of your match officials, click the Next button to go to the Team Setup Screen.

Note: match attendance can be updated at any point before the official match ends.



Team Setup Screen

Once you have completed the Game Details Screen, the Team Setup Screen will load with details for both teams. 

The team setup page should list all registered players and staff for the two competing teams. 

You will need to use the Roster and Staff tabs to update this information for both teams. 

Note: Player numbers and positions may be pre-entered, depending on the league. If pre-entered, you may still need to update information for accuracy.