In the latest Synergy Stats release basketball users will find 2 new enhancements. 1.24.0 provides the ability for the user to mark an action for review directly in the action log from the main screen, as well as fixes the power play button color behaviour on manual change of the ball direction.


Marking Actions for Review from the main UI

While collecting stats data in a game Synergy Stats users can now mark/unmark action(s) for review directly from the main user interface screen without using the 'edit action' modal. 

Clicking on the will mark and action for review. Once the review is completed and the needed modifications are in place, the user should manually unmark the respective event by clicking again on the .

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 2.28.24 PM.png

All marked-for-review actions in a game can be filtered by using the dropdown menu at the top of the action log. 

A user might mark an action for review in the following situations:

  • invalid ball possession
  • player not on the court
  • play by play out of order
  • missing event
  • an event for video recheck
  • incorrect action type
  • incorrect player/team for the assigned event
  • action time earlier than the next action
  • bench player action
  • other

Power Play buttons not changing colour on manual change of direction is fixed with 1.24.0 and the button changing color behavior is as expected.