The Synergy Source Manager can be used to import or capture video (but it is not necessary after updating to Synergy Editor 10 or later). It is also needed for users who intend on importing a Sportscode package into your Synergy Editor for use.


Installing the Synergy Source Manager 

Use the link below to install the Synergy Source Manager application: 


For PC: Once downloaded, run the application and complete any installation prompts.

For Mac: Once downloaded, move the Synergy Source Manager from the Downloads to the Application folder in the same manner as seen above. 

Lastly, navigate to your Applications and launch the Source Manager.


Documents Folder Setup

It is important to ensure that associated folders for both the Editor and the Source Manager are located in the same place on your computer. Once the applications are installed, Ensure that a Synergy Sports folder has been created in your LOCAL documents folder and contains an additional folder both for the Editor and the Source manager. 

Note:The individual application folders may not appear until you have opened/utilized the applications

Ensure the following: 

  • Synergy files are written to the Documents folder on your computer’s hard drive (not cloud or networked drives, which often have limitations).
  • The Documents folder should be at least 25 GB of available disk space.
  • You must also have Read/Write permissions on the specified Documents folder.