Setting Up Practice Tagging

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In this article, we will walk through the workflow of how to stat a practice, print a box score of your practice, and how to publish your practice stats to the Synergy Team Site.


NOTE: This feature is exclusively available to Editor Max users.


Creating a New Practice Timeline

To get started, you will need to a bring practice video into the Editor. This practice footage can either be live captured, or imported from previously recorded video.


Starting a Live Capture

To start a live capture, simply click the New Live Capture icon at the top right of the app, or click the + icon located at the top of the app, and in the bottom right of any open panel and select New Live Capture.


A window will appear giving you several options:

  • Name your edit
  • Change the file name
  • Select event type
  • Select your video input
  • Include audio
  • Push to the Synergy cloud
  • Performance Mode (for slower connections)

Once you have made your selections, click OK.



Importing Video

To import previously recorded video, simply click the Import Video icon at the top right of the app, or click the + icon located at the top of the app, and in the bottom right of any open panel and select Import Video.



A window will appear giving you several option:

  • Select your file(s)
  • Change the date
  • Select event type
  • Change the edit name
  • Express (files only accessible locally on your device, not uploaded to the cloud)
  • Push to the Synergy cloud
  • Include audio

Once you have made your selections, click OK.


Now that your video has been brought into the Editor, a new untagged timeline will appear in the bottom panel. If you have imported more that one video file, you can use the Videos view in the dropdown located in the upper right corner of your timeline, to arrange the order of the video files within your timeline. Simply click and drag to arrange the files in the order you desire.


If you chose to push your timeline to the cloud, a blue line appears above the timeline, indicating your timeline is available to your entire organization via the Synergy Editor. If the line is green, the timeline is only available locally on your device. In order for other members of your team to be able to access, it must be uploaded to the cloud, by selecting the video asset under the Videos tab, and clicking the Upload to Cloud icon.



Tagging Your Practice

Once you have your timeline arranged to your liking, and pushed to the cloud if desired, it's time to start adding tags. Begin by clicking the Templates tab in the top right of the app, and opening a tagging template, whether using a Preset Synergy template, a saved template previously created by you or a member of your staff, or a creating a new blank template by clicking the + icon and selecting New Tagging Template.


NOTE: Use the search bar and filters to easily locate Synergy templates, and existing saved templates.




You can make changes to the buttons in any template by selecting the Edit mode toggle in the top right of the template panel. While in edit mode, select the button you want to modify, and you can set a nickname for the button, assign players, change, add or remove tags, assign or change hotkeys, link tags, set button colors and many other options to help streamline your tagging workflow.


Note: When making changes to a pre-existing template, make sure to duplicate and rename so the original template remains unchanged.


Once your template is built, it's time to start tagging your practice. Switch your template to tagging mode by clicking the Edit toggle, and then clicking the Play icon in the video window to begin viewing your practice film.


NOTE: Only outcome stats from the tagging hierarchy will post to the Box Score and Team Site, user tags are not viewable at this time.



To create clips on your timeline, you can either click the button you want, or use the assigned hotkeys. As you tag your video, the clips will appear on the timeline to show where the tag fits within the video. You are able to pause, rewind, and flag your clips to edit your work as you move through the practice film. You can also switch between different views like Playlist, and Matrix to visualize and organize the data in different formats.


Printing a Practice Box Score

Synergy Basketball users can print a box score of their tagged data directly from the Editor. Click the carrot icon of the desired timeline, select Print, then Box Score. This gives you easy access to a physical output of your user tagged data to share with your team.



Publishing a Practice To Team Site

Synergy Basketball users also have the ability to publish their user generated statistics of a practice to the new Practice Tab on the Synergy Team Site, allowing you to see your practice data alongside your game information in one secure place.


NOTE: All information in the Practice Tab is only viewable by you and your team.



Click the carrot icon on your timeline tab, select Team Site, then Publish. Your practice data will then be viewable on the Synergy Team Site for only the members of your team. To remove a practice from the Team Site, open the timeline in the Editor, click the carrot icon, and select Team Site, then Unpublish. The timeline will still be available in the Editor, but will no longer be published on the Team Site.

NOTE: Your timeline must be pushed to the cloud to be viewable on the Synergy Team Site.

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