In this article, we will discuss how to download games in Offline Mode

The Synergy Logger allows you to work offline when logging a game.  When connected to wifi, or other connections such as Ethernet, any work done in the logger will save to the Synergy Cloud.  If you are working without wifi, or other connections, utilize the offline feature to log a game. Once a stable connection is again available, the logged data will be uploaded to the Synergy cloud.

To get started, navigate to the Games view, which is the default screen once the logger is opened. If you are working in another view, navigate back to the Games view to begin this process.

Using the filters in this view, search for the game you wish to work on if it is not immediately visible in the list of games. Once you've located the game you'd like to download for offline use, click on Edit Game to the right, above the games list.

In the Edit Game window, you can make adjustments to the game details if you wish, then select the Send to Offline radio button located in the lower right.

Click Apply to complete the action.  Once the game has been sent offline, it will appear in the Games View list with a green checkmark in the offline column. 

Alternatively, if the game is saved to the Synergy Cloud without checking the Send to Offline radio button, you can click on the cloud icon in the offline column of the Games view to download the game for offline use.