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Modified on Mon, 29 Apr 2024 at 07:07 PM

The Sim Game practice session is a flexible tagging workflow, that allows you the ability to log a team scrimmage, or live BP. This flexibility allows you to set up one team with hitters, and one team with pitchers, without the need to set up fielders for either team.


To create a new Sim Game session, select the Practice tab. In the top right of the window, click the black triangle next to Add Practice, and select Sim Game from the drop down menu.



Next, set your League, Date, Away Team, and Home Team. You can apply the same team as both the home and away team, eliminating the need to create a custom team or roster. You can still mark the game as a double header, as well as create a game from file for TrackMan users. 



One of the biggest advantages to the new Sim Game practice session is the ability to have the same player to appear on both the home and away teams simultaneously. Set your team lineups by selecting from the roster on the right. If the player you're looking for isn't listed, use the Player Search bar to find the player, and add them to the player list.




You also have the ability to set a Player, Coach, or Machine as the pitcher for the session. By simply double clicking Coach or Machine, they will be automatically assigned as the pitcher for that game, as pitcher is the only position allowed for Coach or Machine. Once all of your Lineups are set, click Apply to create the Sim Game session. Once your Sim Game session has been created, select it from the list of practices, and select Log.



You now have the ability to set up situational hitting. By selecting the Runners screen on the right, you can select a base, then click the + button next to the base, and add a Ghost Runner. This can be applied to multiple bases allowing you to set up whichever situation you desire. This allows you ability to filter after the fact to see how your players performed in any particular situation you practiced.




Additionally, if your practice involves hitters facing a set amount of pitches, and your hitter gets on base, you can use the arrows next to the hitter section to regress back to them in the hitting lineup, without losing their advancement on the bases. On the Runners screen, the hitter will be represented multiple times, or you can change them to a Ghost Runner if you desire, but the hitting and pitching data will still be recorded for the selected players.



We have also added the ability to allow more than three outs per inning in a Sim Game practice session. If your pitcher is throwing a set amount of pitches, they may face more than three outs and this workflow will accommodate that. When you select the Apply button after the third out of the inning, a prompt will appear allowing you to either advance to the next inning, or decline and remain in the same inning. You will be prompted after each out after three outs have been recorded, until you advance to the next inning.



Once you select Yes to advance to the next inning/pitcher, the logger will advance the game to the bottom of the inning. Assuming the away team are your pitchers and will not be hitting, you can advance to the top of the next inning by selecting the inning desired at the top of the screen. This will bring your hitters team lineup back up, and you can change the pitcher before resuming your practice session.


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