Using Data Filters

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In this article, we will discuss how to use data filters in the Synergy Sports Softball Application.


In the Synergy Sports Softball Application, filters are used to customize the data and video presented. The filters located on the left-hand side of the application are dynamic and update the visual representation as they are applied. 



Some filters contain additional sub-filters to refine your search even further. The filters section can be collapsed or expanded by selecting the arrow to the right vertical gray filters bar. 


For all data filters, after you select the parameters you wish to use, you must click the Apply button to put the filter into place.

You can select one or multiple values for each filter using the radio buttons or slider (depending on the filter) to view additional options.  Use the Reset option to clear the selections for an active filter.


Using Data Filters in Different Views

The Synergy Softball app defaults to the Multigame View. Here, you can compare a variety of filters across several games.  If you would like to explore other views, simply select the desired view from the options at the top right. 



Each view requires initial input to get started.

First, choose the Data Source.  Choose from Ingested, Synergy, or Team.

Once the source is defined, select filters for PitcherHitterFielderBaserunner, and Catcher to act as primary filters for the data set you are trying to generate. 

When making selections for these fields, select the parameters from the dropdown menu(s) or enter text to search for Teams/Players in Pitcher(s), Hitter(s), Fielder(s), Baserunner(s), Catcher(s). 



If you start by selecting a pitcher, for example, you can then also select hitters who appeared against that pitcher, or, in the hitter filter, you can change the pitcher selection (and vice versa for all player filters) using the Change button in the top right of the filter details window.



After selecting initial player information in the data filters, your initial report will be generated, and the new Team History button will appear next to the player's name in the filter menu. The Team History button allows you to return to the players' Team History page to easily add or remove teams and seasons to your search results. This feature is available in both the Multigame and Report views.



Resetting the filters

To reset all filters and to start a new report in the Multigame or Reports view, click Reset Filters in the top right-hand corner of the Filter Panel.

If you would like to reset just one individual filter, but leave the remaining filters intact, open the filter, and then click Reset on the top right-hand corner of the panel.

After you click Reset, you must then click Apply to clear the specific filter.


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