2.) Tap "Schedule new game" to start entering the required information (top right of the screen). If necessary, select the "league".

If you are planning a workout, when you have selected your training league, another field, called Description , appears on the screen. This allows you to name your workouts to make them easier to identify in the future.

 3.) Enter the official time (official time) and adjust the recording time around the event.

4.) Specify the teams (teams)  and, optionally, the list of players (rosters).

The list of players is empty or incomplete? If so, you can add them by pressing "X players in the roster" next to each team and add them manually. Once the recording schedule is finished, you can save the roster of each team. You can always edit rosters once the record has been created - more details here! 

5.) Press  Create (top right of the screen).

6.) Wait until you get a confirmation message.


If you cannot see Schedule new game  in the Schedule tab, it means that you do not have sufficient scheduling permissions. If you believe this is an error and/or you should have programming permissions, please contact your organization manager. If you are the manager, contact us .